Has anyone ever opened something decent with a Battle Trophy?

I’ve scored dozens and dozens of Battle Trophies over the years but nothing was ever worth getting excited about. Just the usual ‘Orders’ (I never use) or a backup vehicle. Sometimes its something completely useless like a 10% discount off a high tier jet I will never play (GF only).

Every now and then it will hover past 1,000,000 credits but I always know its going to click over at the last second to something useless.


One Time i got a 75% discount For a plane i actually wanted so i bought it.

I get the occasional Talisman, the best one I’ve got is one for Scharnhorst (right after I unlocked her)

Hmm, half a dozen to a dozen talismans, sometimes a mod for a vehicle I’m trying to spade, the one million SL thing two or three times.

It’s nice to get the smaller SL rewards and such too, it’s just random free stuff after all.

Got the po-2m

I have got a lineup of 5 tier II vehicles with Talismans from trophies. Haven’t got a single Talisman for anything over tier II though. The only worthwhile thing you get is backups.

All but one of my Talismans were opened via Battle Trophies. I don’t believe in buying Talismans so… yeah.

All the free talismans that I saw quickly:


bunch of Talismans and the D.371 HS9 although I’m unsure if that one was from a battle trophy or from a daily login one

I won Stug IV once.

That is fake. The award is decided on the server before you even see it.