Harrier GR.3 nose

Just wondering if anyone knows what’s in the nose of the GR.3. I’ve seen some say a laser, if so, what was it used for?

It’s called the Laser Rangefinder and Marked Target Seeker Nose (LRMTS).


As SlowHandClap said it’s the Laser Rangefinder and Marked Target Seeker (LRMTS). It’s use was two fold: in laser ranging mode it allowed the pilot to conduct accurate CCIP / CCRP attacks. In marked target seeker mode it would scan for the return from a ground based laser designator, it would then display the location of the marked target on the HUD and allow the pilot to carry out a very accurate CCRP attack on the target.


Could they carry Paveways or is that only the GR.7-9?

The GR.3 could carry Paveways, but couldn’t guide them by itself.

So it would require something like a Jaguar with a “buddy lazing system” to mark a designated target for a strike

That or a ground based laser designator.

Which in the end is the similar problem of Mirage F-1CT having photos of GBU’s as payload, but not in game since the buddy lazing was made by Mirage 2000D’s