Harrier GR.1 BR reduction

Should the BR (in Realistic Battles) of the Harrier GR.1 be lowered from 9.7 to 9.3?
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Hello! In this topic I propose to lower the BR of the Harrier GR.1 to 9.3. What is the reason for this proposal?
Firstly, this follows from an analysis of its capabilities, as well as the capabilities of its competitors (compare it with the Harrier GR.3, which is located on the same BR, or the Soviet Yak-38, which is located on 9.3). I’m already silent about the fact that the Harrier GR.1 cannot compete with BR 10.7 aircraft such as the Saab J35XS or Kfir Canard. All Harriers have excellent thrust-to-weight ratio, but not a high maximum speed, which affects its capabilities in the Realistic Battles. SRAAM air-to-air missiles are quite specific in application. At the same time, the Harrier GR.1 lacks RWR and countermeasures, and its mediocre performance characteristics allow it to dodge only the earliest missiles.
Secondly, do not forget that the Harrier GR.1 was designed as an attack aircraft. But, due to the absence of any defense systems, it is not easy to resist flaks, which have all-aspect missiles in their arsenal. And with each update there are more and more of them. At the same time, there is a gap in the ground development tree of Great Britain between BRs 9.3 and 10.0, and therefore lowering the Harrier GR.1 BR would allow strengthening the ground setup at 9.3.

P.S. I would like to add that lowering the BR of this aircraft to 9.0 will clearly be excessive, as it will complicate the life of aviation by 8.3-8.7.
There are also other proposals regarding the balance of this machine. For example, issuing a certain amount of countermeasures. But we should not forget that the Harrier GR.1 is the first vehicle from this line, as a result of which it has the least technical capabilities (there are no countermeasures and RWR), but in the game it continues to share BR with its younger brother.

I recently made the same proposal on the War Thunder RU-forum.
If you want to support my proposal, I will leave a link to that vote below.
Link to my article about reducing the Harrier GR.1 BR on the RU-forum.
If you support lowering the Harrier GR.1 BR to 9.3, then vote “За” (Yes).
If you do not support this proposal, then vote “Против” (No).
In a week, this topic on the RU-forum will be closed, according to the forum rules, and transferred to the developers for consideration.

Thank you for your attention! If this topic seems interesting to you, I ask you to participate in the voting, as well as in its discussion. And tell your friends about it.
You can find out more about the Harrier GR.1 on this website.

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Hell no. There’s enough stuff it sees that have no countermeasures or even missiles of their own.


I dont own it and I wont buy it, therefore NO


Something very much worth bearing in mind. The SRAAMs are totally and completely in-accurate, not only are they currently buggy and broken, but should have double the range and a form of all-aspect. They are suppose to be a WIP (which, this being Gaijin could mean patched next week or sometime next decade)

But should that overhaul come sooner rather than later, and actually make SRAAMs great again, then the Harrier Gr1 (and Hunter F6) could both end up moving to higher BR again, or if absolutely nothing else, be strong aircraft at their current BRs


In general, I agree with you. The Harrier GR.1 is not the only aircraft that needs a rebalance. There are good solutions.

  • Full extension of the BRs (starting from 9.7). That is, weak machines remain on their current BR, and the rest will be raised by one level (by 0.3), so this will not worsen their situation, but weak machines will no longer play with them. As an example, the Harrier GR.1 will no longer meet the J35XS and Kfir. Canard. And most importantly, the developer has already implemented this solution for ground vehicles, so why not do the same with aviation? It’s a mystery to me…

  • It is possible to implement a preferential BR when the balancer selects a battle not +/-1, but +/-0.7.

  • After all, why not give countermeasures to all aircraft starting from 9.7, since they already often play against all-aspect air-to-air missiles (the developer says that he is adding strictly realistic modifications).

Therefore, the only thing that remains is to ask for a lower BR for each aircraft. :(

A strong argument, I have nothing to argue with. :)


Yes, I have heard opinions that SRAAMs are configured incorrectly. As for these missiles, I only know that they have successfully passed tests and in the game more or less correspond to their flight characteristics. I don’t know about the all-aspect homing head, but here you are right, if the Harrier GR.1 receives an all-aspect SRAAM missile, then its BR will be increased (and its survivability will remain just as low).

If they had no SRAAMs, then yeah. Otherwise, No.

Curious question though, as both the GR.1 & GR.3 are the same BR, disregarding the premium status of the GR.1, which would you rather take?


So it can’t compete with a/c 1.0 BR above it., already slaughters a/c 1.0 BR below it, and you think that’s a good reason for it to seal club even more??

WTF should it compete with a/c 1.0 above it when no other a/c does wither??

Whining nonsense


Of course GR.3. Before I bought the GR.1, I explored and tested the Sea Harrier FRS.1 and really liked it. Then I decided to buy a Harrier GR.1 to try it out and at the same time explore other linear machines.
In general, I still have positive impressions about the GR.1. I have no complaints about its weapons or flight characteristics, I have complaints about its survivability. And due to the specifics of its use (exclusively close maneuvering combat for the GR.1, while the GR.3 has a boom zoom), I simply need to have countermeasures, or I should not encounter BR 10.7 aircraft on it at all, since they are many times superior to me in all respects. Since 10.7 is a BR-former, I often play 10.3/10.7.

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This is your personal opinion, I respect it and it has its place, but the statistics of this vote show that there is a problem. I have already explained my position:
In the reality of the current balance, you often play at the bottom of the list than at the top, especially for BRs 9.7 and 11.3. And I’m ready to play it at comfortable battle ratings of 9.0-10.3 (the so-called preferential BR 9.7), but not at 10.3-10.7 all the time. Or get countermeasures, like on the AV-8A. And this applies not only to the Harrier GR.1, it’s just that the developer, for some reason, does not want to rebalance such vehicles. Therefore, players have no choice but to ask for BR reductions for each individual vehicle.

No they don’t - they show that some people want the BR reduced - nothing more.

Unless you have some information as to who is reading this thread, who has the plane, who voted which way, and possibly a few other factors, the statistics show nothing meaningful at all.

As you would know if you’d ever studied any stats at all!

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I follow the suggestions on the forum and the opinions of famous streamers, they have been talking about the same thing for years. And here’s an example, for several months now the expansion of BR has been going on, BUT only for ground vehicles, starting from rank 4, and helicopters. This means that the developer is aware of this problem, but the planes were again left unattended. :(

Yeah, it’s based upon this bug report


But you never know with gaijin

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Yes. This is very interesting!

That’s the range one too


Yeah, SRAAMs could be really good if they get fixed and buffed. I would love to see them added as an option for the Jaguars too

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We do need decompression so those old Korean War jets can shine again without having to worry about taking a sidewinder or an R-3. Expanding the BRs should allow for the introduction of more Cold War aircraft. However Gaijin only likes modern stuff.

I don’t think lowering the match BR range to +/- 0.7 would have all that much effect on the matchmaker.

I don’t just want more Cold War jets to play with. I also want WWI aircraft added. Then all eras of air combat will be represented. That would require adding more tiers and BRs.


It honestly needs a missile replacement rather than a downgrade. The SRAAMs were experimental program and was never mounted on the Harrier GR1 they were only mounted the Hunter F6 for testing. It had a optional armament of 4x AIM-9s or 2x AS-37 missiles as well as what cas weapons it has currently.

SRAAM - Wikipedia (Press CTRL+F and look for Hunter)

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Alternatives might work for it. But SRAAMs should have all-aspect and double their current range (not too mention guidance fixes as they miss often)


Gaijin.net // Issues
Gaijin.net // Issues

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It was never mounted on the harrier irl