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Recently, I was scrolling through the War Thunder wiki out of sheer boredom when I came across the pfp section. I clicked into it, and scrolled down to see a picture of the famous Hans-Joachim Marseille. I never recalled seeing it in-game as an unlockable pfp received by completing tasks, so I’m wondering if it is able to be attained, and if so, how exactly?

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Complicated area…

You might want to read this:

On 29/05/2023 at 14:24, Godvana said:

Where German pages of history?

Erich Hartmann, highest scoring ace of all time and one of the first jet pilots for the West German Air Force.

Franz Stigler, famous for the event where he escorted a crippled B-17 back to friendly space at risk to his own life.

Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock, the Commander of U-96 of which the book Das Boot is based on, served as a captain of distinction after the war.

Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron. It speaks for itself.

Meanwhile we have already had four Soviet pages of history…

We don’t plan to add avatars of the Axis countries in these events. There are serious fears of getting much more negative feedback from the general public than these infrequent requests.
There is no desire to figure out who is a Nazi, who is a war criminal, etc. They are all members of an aggressive military block, waged an offensive war and lost it, leaving a purely negative mark on history.

This is actually an official reply from a dev.

You find it here:

So you won’t find a pfp of the best fighter pilot ever lived…

Thanks for the reply! Sorry for not being clear, but I meant PFPs that pre-exist in the profile selection menu. EG: Purchase 3 vehicles for rank III grants you the Adolf Galland pfp.

[JOKE] Tom Cruise? [/JOKE]

Jokes aside…this is a complicated area…several games got into trouble by “advocating” or “promoting” nazis (or similar). Not saying who is and who is not…against rules and would probably not be a productive discussion…but this is a very sensitive subject…and devs opt to “err on the side of caution”…as do most games…
Not sure which game, but there was a game that had issues when they used Michael Wittmann…had to replace him by someone not linked to the SS.
SOME games (and mods) will not care and use those characters…BUT if the game gets enough visibility (or enough haters) it may be a BIG issue…

I can see that though for some the pictures of these Sov. “Heros” are offensive aswell.

Here’s the link in case anyone is interested:

Personally I don’t understand this, as Marseille was also famous for his distaste of the Nazi Party, and in fact protesting their policies directly to the top officials at a party in person.

From this, Gaijin doesn’t need to really worry all too much about German pilots from WW2, as MANY of the top aces were anti-nazi. There were even stories of Luftwaffe officers saving people from the holocaust.

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Doesn’t matter in the court of public opinion if they fought for Germany during WWII then they belong to a certain political party that was in charge at the time.

Public opinion:

  • Just ask some Finnish or Polish people about their experiences with the USSR/Red Army 1939-41.

  • Public opinion is always based on biased history writing (“the winner decides what was the truth”) and the (current) mainstream (media) pov.

  • I am quite sure that in the public opinion 700 years ago the earth is a disc…

  • It was (and still is) just easy to bash on Nazism as nobody with a clear mind defends this ideology. And if you get bombarded 80 years with movies with sinister people in black uniforms (produced by Hugo Boss) there is no way to expect other views.

  • Things get different if you hire some of those guys or you think you need them. If you see the actions of Unit 731 (google it) and the efforts of the US to cover these, you might get the point. Same with “whitewashing” of Germans (acquired via “Operation Paperclip”) after WW2 ( v. Braun - Ssturn) you might understand why things are far more complicated to be discussed here.

Back to topic:

Marseille is without any doubt the best fighter pilot ever lived - nobody else had the skills necessary to fight (and kill) whole squadrons alone. Even if you admit that 109s were superior vs P-40s and other allied fighters in North Africa, the quality of GB/Commonwealth pilots was outstanding compared to USSR pilots - making his kills even more exceptional.

The dev said clear:

There is no desire to figure out who is a Nazi, who is a war criminal, etc. They are all members of an aggressive military block, waged an offensive war and lost it, leaving a purely negative mark on history.

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