Hamsters struggling again?

As seems to be obligatory the servers seem to be struggling during an event. I have been kicked multiple times due to server connection issues. Anyone else having the same?


Its your side.

I had a couple of these happening today and yesterday, yes. Event, most likely (btw, I’ve got fiber optics on my desk)…

The game crashes pretty much every day for me now. Server disconnects are a norm now. I know it’s not on my side, as the whole game ends and I get some reward and a win/loss after I restart the game. The crashes started somewhere around the major update. Now weird things are happening and sometimes there are graphics glitches. Also had some problem with the AntiCheat running. It refused to start a game and popped some window. Found out that I had to delete the config file, as it probably got corrupted. Seems to work now. It sucks that’s all happening during the event.

Game crash and graphic glitches can often be solved by simply deleting the entire game cache (don’t worry, the game regenerates it automatically). Updating your graphic card drivers is also a good thing to check.