Hafiz Missile Carrier: Death from Afar

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Disclaimer: I really couldn’t find all too much on this vehicle. If you have more information, please share it and sources in the comments section. :salute:


The Hafiz Tank Destroyer of the Israeli Armed Forces.


The Hafiz on display.

  • Description :
    • The Israeli Hafiz, or “Haste”, is a tank destroyer designed to take out enemy armored vehicles from a distance. The vehicle is armed with six Spike-NLOS anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), with the missile being designated as “Tamuz” in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). This allows the Hafiz to engage enemy tanks and other armored vehicles with precision and accuracy. The Hafiz is based on a modified M113A3 armored personnel carrier chassis, which provides good mobility and protection for the crew. The vehicle is also equipped with a powerful 275hp Detroit Diesel 6V53T Diesel Engine, which enables it to reach speeds of up to ~66 km/h. The six Spike-NLOS missiles carried by the Hafiz are capable of long range-indirect fire. Inside the hull, the vehicle can carry four spares for reloading. The missiles are guided by a Fiber Optic Link out to 8km before switching to a Radio frequency which allows the missile to maintain communications with the launcher out to 25-30km. It can however utilize both a direct attack and mid-course navigation mode, with the mid-course navigation allowing the operator to change targets mid-flight. The missile is larger than the Spike’s found on other variants of the Spike with a diameter of 170mm vice the 130mm. This is in order to maximize the range of the missile, with other smaller variants of the missile limited to 8-10km. Newer variants of the missile have a maximum range out to 32km, utilize a IR camera for guidance, and can be equipped with different warheads. Some even have been equipped on helicopters. This makes them highly versatile and effective against a wide range of targets, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other vehicles. In addition to its missile armament, the Hafiz is also equipped with a 7.62mm FN MAG machine gun mounted on a remote-controlled turret. This provides the vehicle with additional firepower against infantry and light vehicles. The Hafiz has been used in combat by the IDF and has proven to be highly effective against enemy armored vehicles. There is a lot of secrecy involving the Hafiz and it’s overall operational history. The Hafiz’s ability to engage targets from a distance and with high precision makes it an important asset in modern warfare. It allows Israeli forces to engage enemy armor without putting their own tanks and troops in harm’s way. This is particularly important in urban environments, where the risk of collateral damage is high. The Hafiz is also highly mobile, which makes it suitable for rapid deployment in a variety of situations. It can be transported by air or by land, which allows it to be quickly moved to where it is needed most.
    • In conclusion, the Israeli Hafiz tank destroyer armed with six Spike-NLOS (Tamuz) missiles (with four spares) is a highly effective weapon system designed to take out enemy armored vehicles from a distance. Its mobility, firepower, and versatility make it a valuable asset for the Israeli Defense Forces in modern warfare. With its ability to engage targets with precision and accuracy, the Hafiz served the Israeli military for many years with its likely retirement occurring in 2012.
    • Foreign Use:
      • This vehicle also experienced foreign use with the British Army which secretly using the system during the initial campaigns in Afghanistan, listed under the nomenclature Exactor Mk. 1. The British supposedly used the system until 2015. The vehicle’s were disguised as the Bulldog armored vehicles since the British never used M113’s.


The Hafiz, or known by the British as the Exactor Mk.1. This system was used by the British Army’s 39th Royal Artillery Regiment.










Image gallery of the Hafiz including launching of the Tamuz missile.


A closeup of the launchers equipped with different variants of the Spike NLOS or aka Tamuz.





Other views of the Hafiz and launching system.


The Tamuz Mk. 5, one of the latest iterations of the Tamuz missile with the latest being the Tamuz Mk. 6.


Honestly, this could work great in its true NLOS form at an appropriate BR due to the very limited amount of missiles it can carry

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Yeah it could get 3-4 kills with relative ease on some open maps but it having to go rearm is going to be a death sentense

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