[Poll] Spike Missile and NLOS In War Thunder

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A few years ago we first saw a form of NLOS capable missiles being introduced to the game (and accidentally making it into live game) where its performance varied greatly.

First of all, the missile was controlled in third person resulting in very enhanced situational awareness and targeting abilities which should not be present with a proper implementation of missiles like the Spike-NLOS, being a first person black and white view of the missile seeker.

Secondly, the missile had a lock on feature which while it is accurate, it made the missile fly in a very weird manner. Instead of having its regular maneuverability, once the missile locked onto a target it would turn much harder than being manually guided which should also not be the case.

And lastly, the missiles that made it into the regular games were at an obsurdly low battle rating where they could destroy almost everything they hit with one shot due to the absense of ERA, composite armor as well as active protection systems. If a missile like the Spike NLOS was introduced, it would most likely be at 12.0 where essentially every tank is covered with composite screens and ERA which could defeat the missile or significantly weaken its post penetration effect.

So to sum up, if a missile like the Spike-NLOS came into the game, it would have a first person black and white seeker (similar to the one on the AGM-65 Maverick) which if you have played with you will know how difficult it can be to spot targets, combined with a limited field of few and maneuvering characteristics with vehicles that have a very limited number of said missile which would make them free food once they run out of missiles.

Oh and another thing, the Spike-NLOS wasn’t designed for close range combat so it should be at least somewhat challenging to use under 500m-1km

Tried to recreate how the seeker would look like in game


Here are some pictures from an actual Spike-NLOS seeker

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8xAqqZ_Z08 )

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Needs to be a lot more Active-Protection systems ingame before the game is ready for NLOS.

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This was in game for a few hours. We all know how it went

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Big +1

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We should get LR and ER at first.

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You didn’t even read the post did you…

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You do realize that every good player can use them effectively from spawn. Maps in war thunder make them either useless or busted, like you mentioned. I can see helicopters having them though

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So a helicopter sitting behind a mountain unkillable is fine but an atgm carrier that has a very limited amount of missiles and is free food when its going to rearm isn’t? Plus Of course good players are going to use them from spawn, same way you can use something like the Katyusha or Sturmtiger to get kills off the spawn

Not to mention the massive deadzone of the NLOS Spike which will not affect helis whatsoever while it might not be able to guide the missile from spawn to spawn in some maps