Had to submit this to support

I dont ever post here but I just had a game where a guy was hiding on the other side of a house we were there for about 30 seconds, I cant shoot him through the house and he cant shoot me. plus he has a smaller gun.

all of a sudeen a shell from his gun came down from directly above me and took me out. no report from his gun it was still pointing into the house.

are we still experiencing cheating becase there is no way he could have pointed his gun into the air to get that shot off, he would have had to shoot almost directly up. at the very least his gunwould have showed signs of firing.

then i check the replay and sure enough the shell came from directly above despite the fact he hadnt fired and was 90 degrees to the right behind the house.

these kinda of players are seriously ruining the game . such a shame

That was an artillery shell…


Thank you i did watch the replay again and finally saw the pre warning smoke of artillery. makes total sense.

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