H-39 in German blue water tech tree

The future of naval is eventually going to see more top tier battleships, and battleships in particular are an area that Germany is severely lacking in. If Germany is only going to get ships that were actually constructed, then that only leaves Bismarck and Tirpitz left, and they are going to be outclassed by Sovietsky Soyuz, Iowa, and Yamato. However, if ships that were begun but never completed, like Sovietsky Soyuz which is already present in WT Mobile, are to become additions, then that would give Germany a top tier option to stay competitive in the form of H-39. I don’t want to see ridiculous fantasy ships like that other naval game. That 20" monstrosity that funny mustache man dreamed up, for example, should stay over there, but H-39 had approved blue prints and construction had been underway for two of them for quite a long time before the German war industry could no longer support them. H-39 would have been essentially an enlarged Bismarck class armed with 16" guns which would be a good option to top off the German battleship line and give Germany something that is better able to compete with the Iowas, Sovietsky Soyuz, and Yamato. Another option to augment the German naval line up would be to add the planned upgrade to the Scharnhorsts that replaced their 12" guns with 15" guns. This is just my opinion on it, but I would like to know what everyone else thinks. Do you think that the German line up would benefit from H-39 or a 15" gunned Scharnhorst, or should the German line end with Bismarck and Tirpitz?


Something being laid down is the rule for inclusion, so we’ll certainly see two H-39s eventually. :)

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H-39 would definitely come, as it is another non-comissioned ship like Project 23(aka Sovietsky Soyuz)
So no need of worrying in my personal opinion.

But for ‘benefit’, well, I don’t know. Bismarck and Tirpitz would have penetration similar to Mutsu and Mississippi in game at 10 km, and those guns were now performing quite well in penetration even against standard battleship’s main belt, which is actually one of thickest main belt for current-ingame and future-could_be_ingame capital ships. H-39’s 16’’ gun will be better in penetration, but loss of fast reload which previous Kriegsmarine capital ship gets seems more imoprtant than penetration to me.

If that’s the case, then maybe we’ll also see the French Clemenceau and the British Lion. It’s a shame the US never laid down a Montana.

As well as all 5 normandie class BBs.