Guys, I'm a new player of this game, just on USA Br 6.7, i got the USSR Mathilda, should i sell it now? Or wait some days?

Please give me some advice, i don’t know what is the right way to gain more Gaijin money. Thank you very much!

If you have the voucher for the Soviet Matilda, you might as well sit on it because the value of it will probably appreciate in time.

Beyond that, playing for fun is probably a far better idea than playing for the grind.

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personally if I were you I’d wait until sale time and use the money you get for selling the vehicle to buy premium time, it’s kind of a meh vehicle

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yeah, i just play the game for fun not for the mission or Batlle pass like that haha. I’ll wait some days for the value goes up, thank you!

yeah, I’ll wait some days for the proper price, i want to get A1H and super hellcat to play 6.3. Thank you mate.