Gutting SL gain on Canon birds

Just played a sim game with the Duck and noticed how awfull the SL gain is, even in sim.

What on earth is going on.

Well. how long were you flying with it, what did you do in the time you were flying it, and how many times have you respawned (died) ? Low tier SB isnt really worht it as the maps are huge and the planes are slow, SL grind in SB is very slow. I’d reccoment higher BR’s in air SB, 5.7+

I swear they changed the SL multiplier. I was playing sim ground

Oh yes they did change SL multiplier in the recent economy update. Tons of planes got massive increases in SL obtaining in SB. For example lot of the high tier bombers went from roughly 200% SL multiplier, to 600% , thats 3x increase. My canberra is 600% SL multiplier, and im F2P… im making 100k SL for half a full SB match… its 2x as easy to get SL (im more agressive so i die more, so its not a 3x increase)