Gunshield for "Zerstörer 45" 3 cm Flakvierling 38/103 auf Flakpanzer IV Möbelwagen

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I would like to suggest a Gunshield for the Zerstörer in game, which represents the possible 3 cm Flakvierling 38/103 on the Flakpanzer IV Möbelwagen which normaly had either a 3,7 cm Flak 43 or a 2 cm Flakvierling 38.
These guns on the tank had gunshields, but in game the Zerstörer 45 currently does not, which is most propably based on the following picture, where is it either made ready for tests or ready for transport, so a possible shield would be dismounted either way, however the armor in front of the gun is still in place.

As well as when mounted on a vehicle it would get the gunshield.
But no pictures are available of the prototype.

Pictures(Click to show) of the gun and Möbelwagen with 2 cm Flakvierling 38:



Flakpanzer IV Möbelwagen Manual


Any amount of armor is helpful… +1

the gunshield should have been there from the start. But it has to be noted that the turret we have in game should have been mounted on a wirbelwind chassis (basically a 30mm wirbelwind) and not a mobel wagen. The one we have in game is more a mix and match of 2 designs.

It isn’t. The vehicle we have in-game is the testbed predecessor of the Zerstorer 45. It was a very real vehicle that was reported to have existed. It was built on a Mobelwagen chassis. Calling the vehicle Zerstorer 45 is technically incorrect and should be called 3cm Flakvierling 38/103 auf Flakpanzer IV Möbelwagen (as seen in the title) but it certainly isn’t a “mix and match”. Whether or not the final design of the Zerstorer 45, the one based on the Wirbelwind, was actually built is debated to this day but, as far as our current knowledge shows, the Zerstorer 45 present in-game was a real vehicle.