Gunner Aiming Issue

I think there’s a time all of us have experienced when you’re in a plane with multiple gunners, some enemy fighter is literally 19 meters away from you, and all your shots miss while your cursor is dead on its fuselage because it is 3RD PERSON VIEW. This problem is really screwing up bomber gameplay, and it really shows, so can we have a solution to this?


uhm… just consider that you have to compensate with your aim since it is a bit higher compared to your plane… if you have major issues check out Defyn and his guides on aiming.


1st, can be a skill issue on ur part. 2. Well if gaijin fixes it and makes Gunner Aim more effective and accurate. Well have a repeat once again that Fighters wont be able to do squat against bombers, without ramming them anyway…

I mean manual aim not ai controlled, and i don’t think it’s a skill issue when most of my shots hit .40km or more

.40 km is very very short range for defensive gun engagements. I usually engage at above 1km minimum so the enemy plane isn’t in ideal gun range. The best thing is to not allow people to be so close to you to begin with.

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Well, my aim isn’t pilot-snipe level, so I usually end up 40m away

Saying it’s a skill issue isn’t helpful and is very counterproductive.

what is happening is your getting a single projected impact point for multiple weapons. this means your cross hair is going to be less accurate the closer the enemy gets across all weapon stations on the bomber.

Think of it like focusing on something approaching your face from 10 meters away, both your eyes can focus, now let’s say it’s 10mm from your face, now your cross eyed.

bomber gunners are best used at range to dissuade ( 1.0km) min. If your engaging at 19m that’s way too intimate.

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Welp, guess that’s something to work on. Thanks for the advice.

This is insignificant compared to the point of aim lead for the relative motion between the two aircraft. Given the “Kentucky Windage” inherent in trying to lead a target aircraft that might be transiting in an unanticipated direction from also a moving platform, the dispersion from… lets call it parallax, might improve odds of hits.

The second part of the “Misty Coast” single player mission has you in a Wellington against a swarm of 109s. They are great practice in leading attacking fighters. Don’t drop any bombs on the ships and it will fail and repeat as much as you want to practice.

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Tbf, that was mostly in sim with bomber’s being death star’s and the top heavy bomber’s actually having great defenses. Every other bomber was pretty alright to fight though.

Aiming?, i’ve shot bombers down outside of their firing range while the player was manually controlling his guns.

yeah, gunning is pretty hard when your shots are not parallel to the movement of the plane. Not just bomber gunning but also planes with slightly downward positioned guns as well

That is a massive skill issue…

When I was regularly playing the B-17 for a bit, I was mauling every plane that came after me, you have to do weird leading points to hit because of their speed, your speed, and the cone-zone they are in.

save your trash talk for an actual match, doofus. How long did you have to practice to think you could say that?

Well they do it on purpose long time ago Gunners on Bombers work like a charm but exactly for this same reason you write now ppl cry they can’t kill bombers with fighters so Gaijin not need to much convincing if can nerf something that bring pleasure to players RP and SL so they start nerving Bombers to oblivision with 0 Consideration more ppl play Fighters and are PvP focus not Bombing bases and ground targets so the game become pure PvP

Nerf Gunners was the first action
RP and SL second
BR chances
No Survavibily
If you go higher that 5k meter they see you
BR chances for fighters make bombers just opselite

The massive parallax (for multi-gunner planes, which can’t first-person) combined with lack of proper convergence adjustment is truly awful.

The convergence distance should at least auto-update based on the selected enemy, that would be a decent QoL improvement.

well, any plane with lots of gunners can be reached by spaceclimbing 109s or yaks

I don’t practice, I don’t think, I just do, and it works, because I taught myself. This game is all instincts and tactics.

If I was available; I’d pull out my B-17E and let you try and intercept me and vice versa to prove my point.