Gun doesn’t fire

This probably have natural reasons (connection, hardware etc). But I’m still curious. Any hypothesis? (so I can mitigate the problem)

Ex 1.

I fire at target, so does he. At least my gun fire on my screen. If it does so “in the game” I don’t know. My shot vanishes but his hits and blows up my tank. Where did my shot go? Cyber space?

However the mentioned situation is usually under 150m engagement range. At 300m+ (at least registered by me) my round hit him and even produce a few double deaths. Both he and me goes up as we strike each other.

Ex. 2. “Click-click-click.”

In close combat to point blank 0-100m I suffer, not frequently, but enough times, from inability to get the gun to fie, which usually have a fatal outcome.

Its simple. We go head to head in arcade. Target drives in or is already in my sight, I click noting happens, click-click-1001 (on second pass), nothing happens, he fires I’m toast. WT*!

But, last week I did manage to fire it as we mingled. I managed to deflect two enemy rounds by keeping tank active and made firm pissed-off one second clicks. Click. Click. Click.
On the third click my gun went off that was like 4 seconds too late for my taste, and glanced at targets (T-34) engine deck (2m point blank), but it DID fire (team mates got him so I could sit and suck on the issue pulse 190).

Now my tank is not damaged and crew is fairly ok (I can’t swear that some is not wounded, these fights are heated things). Gun is however loaded, and un-damaged.

I don’t have the most modern PC but enough to handle most battles and I believe I have a good internet connection. Though lately have experienced some lags in crowded environments and artillery strikes, but I had problems with the click-click before that. My mouse is a wire and it is “used”, but why screwing with me in the moments that are the most perilous. It works fine at range where I even have had some scary snapshots faster then my brain observed them (with a half dead crew).

Is it game graphic update priorities, guns last or how does it work? Are my clicks even registered by the game? (Should I buy a new mouse or memory)

Any one have similar experiences?

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This is caused by ping. While you saw your cannon fire before you died, the server saw his round hit you just before you fired. Your client will get told this and “delete” your round.

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Nice! Good explenation. I’ll keep that in mind. Possible second problem is also ping related?

Time and synchronism are an issue…depending on network conditions.
Sometimes an event is “deleted” from the global timeline, albeit it happened on your screen some milliseconds before…

Like said above…the more obvious event is you fire, ear and see the shot…but then explode…and the “global timeline” decides you were killed BEFORE…and never takes your shot into consideration. From the other player perspective you never fired.

Changing mouse or keyboard will not affect this…you may have better results if your network is better…short version…if the information that you fired is sent faster, the odds of your shot registering in the global timeline MAY be better…but we are talking milliseconds or less…and it may not even matter…if the incoming round is in the air and on the right track, your doom is almost certain…
(in technical terms it also depends on how timestamps are used…)

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Thanks, I was wondering why when we both fire at the same time. I blow up and then I see the other tank burning but never get credit for the kill.

This is probably different issue. If the game consider BOTH players fired and hit it will credit both for the kills. Happens to me.

If you “think” you fired, but didnt get the kill, then the game considered you died before firing (and enemy is undamaged) or your shot didn’t kill.
If enemy is dead (and you didn’t get the kill) it usually means someone else killed it in the meantime…also happens a lot.