Guided Weapon controls becoming more difficult every update

Over the last couples of Years i noticed that Gaijin is makeing weapons control, worse and worse.

I noticed it the most when playing the A-10. At release of the plane, you could easiely lock and drop the AGMs and GBUs each with one key. Then after a few updates, both munitions suddenly started to lock the ground, instead of the targets close by and since alpha strike they improved the HUD for the lock-on, but the GBUs completly refuse to lock now, unless you bind a second key for locking them manualy.

I noticed this also with the Tiger UHT. First you could simply look and shoot in third person with the PARS Missels, from one update to another this was not more possible and you had to go in gunner view to lock a target.

The same is now the case with Vikhr Missels on the Su-39. You could launch them with one button in Third Person. As long as you aligned the plane to the target.

Now you either need to manually activate and set the target point or need to go into gunner view to directly launch the Vikhrs.

I know Gaijin likes there simulation stuff, but this is just wrong.

Makeing the game more difficult to control only drives people away.

I personaly started to play this game 6 years ago, because it advertised easy controls, but high rank vehicles still requiere a insane amount of Buttons (which many where not even bound by default) and now Gaijin makes things even worse.

If that’s the case, it makes me want to stay no higher than rank 4 planes.