GSB mixup

is it possible we could get an overhaul in GSB at this BR and not only if i want to play USSR/China i get instant match while playing ally’s we have to wait for up to 12 minutes for one game! Mix up Nations and make GSB at 6.7 to 8.0 playable please

Good things are worth waiting for.
Mixed nations are not good thing, you have RB for that.

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no its not worth waiting 10 to 12 mins no no

If they were split though, or even mixed, people would complain of TKs occuring because they can’t tell the difference…

they have to learn it we have plenty of other BR’s that are mixed up

So often they don’t have captured and cross-nation variants because of this…

Right now, you aren’t happy because Russia and China are on the same team.

im not happy that i have to wait 10mins for a game ! nothing to do with russia or china

Technically it’s the reason that you have to wait that long.

Think about that for a second, and why I said what I said about the sharing of vehicles…

spear me they Technically BS and keep it simple 10min wait time for a game is BS

spare* and no… I merely mentioned an actual reason on why mixes don’t happen…

Because people can’t identify the difference, and end up having trouble with everyone TKing everyone.