Groza Dominates Naval Like No Other

So who exactly put the Groza at 3.0 in AB Naval? Did they ever actually PLAY this ship? It completely stomps everything it faces.

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I always thought it was like a destroyer and so I fight it like I would one. Sometimes best not to engage it and go to another zone.
Artillery is effective on it since its a big slow boat. CAS handles it with ease as well if you can earn enough sp to call in an aircraft.

I can’t say much for AB (RB main, Strangely my net can’t play AB after like 2016) or the Project 2 due to not playing it much even through I had just prior to 2.01 (especially not now post recent economic update pfft 8k AB / 18k RB repairs) but as SKR’s go this failed torpedo boat turned guardship kinda sucks the two 100 mm don’t damage much (same guns off the Derzky & Fidonisy classes) iirc there’s also a bow on blindspot for the fore 100 mm the torpedoes seems good probably better in AB with the speed boost & reloading.

I can only see two real points that it excells at the DM which seems to be immune to sub 4" fire (here’s me firing all types of 3" guns at the AI ones) & the three 37 mm cannons which tear apart smaller vessels yet that latter part can be said about a lot of 3.0 - 3.7 ships notably the Minensuchboot M-1940 M-802 with it’s two 3.7 cm AA cannons.

Spawn wise it doesn’t have it’s original pre 2.01 spawn but is stuck to a destroyer even though some similar more dangerous Minesweepers & Corvettes still get the small craft spawns so that’s another con to it.

And crew wise 114 men don’t last long with a ship that gets a destroyer spawn that I know of from similar sized ships especially if they’re slow.

IIRC the SKR Groza used to be 3.7 way back this was thanks to it’s small craft spawn later on after a while with a destroyer spawn it was reduced to 3.3 then I think after three years it was reduced further to 3.0 which it currently sits.

Still, If I was to complain about any soviet warships I’d probably get up in arms about the Project 204 Small Anti-Submarine Ship over this Project 2 Escort Ship as that thing is CRACKED still getting a small craft spawn & being sub 4.0 with both a AK-725 automatic artillery piece & RBU-6000’s mortars.

I would suggest getting both then come to a conclusion on what’s more nasty.

I could ask you the same!

Yes, you hit the mark … it’s the three 37mm cannons on the Groza that shred everything. Like everything else War Thunder, BR compression means this thing clubs everything in sight when it’s downtiered.

I have not, but I don’t need to when I have seen what it can do. In three back-to-back sessions, I watched this ship obliterate everything below 3.3 in less than 10 seconds from 2 - 3km away. In the most extreme example, the player had 17 kills and no deaths and it was all from his AI gunners on the 37mm cannons.

So you are talking about full downtier here? And you talked to the player and he told you he used AI gunners for 17 kills? I have my doubts.

If we talk about sinking hoards of reserve boats, yes, that is fun in destroyers too.

It’s a 3.0 in arcade, it was a 2.7 - 3.7 game with the bulk of players at 3.0. It was all rank 2 and rank 3 coastal vessels that he killed.

Well… Get used to the bigger boats from the destroyer spawn. If stuff from the destroyer spawn makes it to the cap, and the players don’t have or don’t use torpedos, it is going to be difficult. The Groza isn’t exactly fast, so you can torp or outrun it relatively well. But if a small boat just goes to melee with guns, it won’t go well.

For sure. I don’t remember the name of the map, but it’s one where both teams have LOS on each other’s spawn about 3km away and it was just a slaughter so not much can be done with regard to torps in that situation.