Ground Vehicles requires MAJOR reworking

These are some suggestions that I hope gets considered and eventually implemented in game to improve upon existing mechanics.

Transmission, Torque and Traction:
Currently transmissions in game are simulated with many gears, some notable examples are top tier MBTs like the Leopard 2s having 8 gears in game to simulate the torque converters where it should have 4 IRL. These key mobility mechanics should be reworked by 2025, where more and more modern stuff gets added. Traction is also another issue where tank tracks do not have the grip modelled as it should be and will slip on certain surfaces even with part of the tracks still in contact with ground. For a game trying its best to be as realistic as possible, the lack of proper traction breaks some of the immersion and experience for the users.

Currently steering system in game are all using brake steering, which means tracks stops on one side to steer one direction. This is applicable to some older WW2 tanks but most post war vehicles have a new type of steering called “regenerative” steering which enables the power to be redirected from one track to the other so the vehicle turns without losing too much speed. This is especially an important feature missing on most MBTs and it results in very jarring manueverability around the maps, paired with how the transmissions are currently modelled, it results in unrealistic behaviours compared to how it should be.

Gun Handling:
This is more related to a recent report suggesting the change of Leopard 2 gun handling (with confirmation from David_Bowie that it will be applicable to ALL MBTs in the future) to a slower slew rate based on documents that mentions the slew rates at which gunner FCS can control. (see refuted report) While it is true that the devs wants to implement realistic gunner control to every vehicle possible, there should be a few things to note. FCS control of the vertical and horizontal slew rate of the tank is only ONE of the available controls to the gunners, it should NOT be the ONLY value available to the user. As mentioned above by the others, the gunners have the option to use faster speeds either as emergency or manual modes, so they should be considered too.

So I have two different suggestions to the devs, both with similar intent:

  1. Implement separate elevation speeds for:
    a: stabilisation vertical speeds when moving,
    b: stabilised vertical speeds for gunner control,
    c: unstabilised vertical speeds for gunner control;
    This suggestion is to further improve on the realism aspect of modern vehicles without severely impacting gameplay

  2. If the above isn’t currently doable, then use the fastest gun elevation speeds the manufacturer advertises on their vehicles;
    This suggestion is to keep it simple without affecting gameplay overall

I hope these suggestions will help to further improve realism without severely impacting gameplay.


For a long time now the traction in the game has been truly insufferable garbage, just by putting the chain on a rock the chain starts to slip as if it were in oil, and now to ruin it even more, when a chain breaks the tank loses More than half of the rotation makes it impossible to defend yourself, and it is clearly seen that the chain is rotating but the tank is not.


Ground vehicles are so close to greatness, but the features I mention are what really makes so much of what makes tanks, a tank. Gaijin is so close to making them perform like how they should be but it’s just not there yet sadly.

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Like what the fuck, definitely it has different modes and speeds at which gunner can control the turret to be more precise at longer ranges and this apply to horizontal and vertical targeting speeds. This statement from Bowie is just intentionally saying that all NATO tanks would be nerfed just because one article from CIA ? XD Imagine Leo2 driving crosscountry with the gun swinging from top to the bottom just because FCS can’t keep up with elevation and depression speeds. Like this clip with beer at the end of the gun wouldn’t even be possible to begin with. Or case when gun going immidiately up for loader to make his work easier.

Solution to this would be to make every tank with hydraulic or electrical turret drive to achieve those speed in certain amount of time, no like from 0 to 40 degrees in 0.001 but add acceleration effect and it would be sufficient. + Of course addition of APUs.

Gaijin should just address something that is very broken right now like close fuck maps with one route or balance on certain tiers, not things that are not even reported correctly.

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Mentioned clip with beer is dated on 1986.

It will never reach that point, since it is light years away, and to get there I would have to radically change the game (which would be the best), it would be necessary to completely change the damage model, the penetration calculator, balance all the tanks when modifying the damage separating the WW2 tanks from the post-war ones, the traction mechanics, cannons with physics so that they do not go through walls, much larger maps, maps that are not surrounded by mountains to be able to see the planes that attack you, balance the planes within the GRB, give the SPAA desynchronized cannons and a correct AA sight, review the ballistics and bullet damage of the SPAA, much larger maps (at least 400x400 grids minimum), create spawn zones that They were a complete corner of the map to avoid the camp spawn. To begin with, this should already be implemented, since many years have passed since they added the GFs, and after this things would come like the charger fatigue, which When receiving an impact, the crew members would be stunned for a second and things that are realistic but are not strictly necessary and do not affect the game that much.
But obviously gaijin is not going to do any of that, since the game is now to collect money and not to waste time fixing it, and right now what gives money is new tanks and premium tanks, not solving problems, most of Active players don’t worry about the game, they just play and that’s it.