Ground vehicle crew member Physics + More Animations

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Since ground forces became a thing in game there have been extensive features added to make things fun and realistic but something that’s been lacking is the crew themselves. It would be cool to see some more life given to the ground crew members of War Thunder by giving them more animations and have these features more detailed in open compartment vehicles that show the crew members. Currently the crew members turn their heads and observe the battlefield and the crew fixed to weapons like machineguns or the ones who operate the mechanisms for turrets of course can move their arms. There are also field gun type tanks where the turret is on a platform and the crew are fixed to the turret while standing and slide across the ground while the gun is aiming as shown below in these pictures.



Perhaps there could be some additional animation toward those vehicles where the crew that are standing reposition their legs and walk around to show they are actively aiming the gun. The gunner for the Zis-30 shows a good example of this with the gunner both positioning their legs by squatting and keeping themselves stable on the hull of the vehicle, but his left leg does not adjust by stepping instead it slides

Also, for weapon loading where one or more loaders are required an animation for putting in the projectile and charges would be lovely in addition to vehicles with extensive reload times so while waiting to reload you can see the action being performed. Some open top vehicles even feature animations and effects of discarding casings from the breach after firing the weapon so this would be a great addition.


Commanders that are fixed to roof mounted guns while firing could shake and recoil from the ongoing fire depending on the caliber that would be a nice touch, as well as driving around the battlefield and maneuvering terrain it would be cool to see your crew members react to the forces and bounce around the place. (tanks don’t have seatbelts after all)

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Nice idea +1.

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would be nice to see reload animations finally for open tops


Highly doubt Gaijin gonna rework ground crews beyond outlined uniforms, but it still would be great +1