Ground texture bugs

These texture bugs have been happening for like 2 weeks now pretty much every game.


Are you sure that this is not happening due to rendering problems of your computer?

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I think my 3060TI would render this game smoothly with up to date drivers, and i don’t seem to be the only one with these rexture bugs.

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Many times tecture problems are for individuals only
But perhaps get your computer checked?

What do you mean by getting my computer ‘‘checked’’. What am i looking for?

Hardware problems

I don’t see the need for that. I don’t have any problems with other games. Benchmarks give the results that they should. Nothing special happening in CPU, GPU, RAM or SSD utilisation. Perhaps i could check PSU, but i highly doubt it has any problems.

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It is not an individual problem.
Same issues with RTX3080 since graphics pilots updated to 551.23

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When gaijin said in some patch notes that they ‘‘partially fixed’’ these texture bugs, they made them just more frequent for me. Did that happen to you too?

I cant be only one, but on Finland map, when going right from spawn, looking people sniping C on opposite side spawn . If i dont use thermals opposite sides rendering is buggy as hell. Gotta try to take recording next time going in there…

Apologies i havent played the pc version for quite some time and so i didnt know
Try reporting the problem

No worries. I made a bug report earlier today already.


It’s happening the same thing with me, i hope they fix quicklie

Did you file a bug report?

It’s happening to everyone, don’t sweat it because I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do except to wait. They said they had fixed some texture issues in the last changelog but it just keeps on happening here and there.
Edit: they also said they fixed some FPS freezing but I keep having them just at the start of most matches. It happens for a couple of seconds, where the screen freezes in place, no more, but it’s really interesting.

Yup, seems to be a bug their end.
My mate and I run totally different hardware, AMD v Intel, Nvidia v Radeon and we both have the above issues every other match. sometimes him, sometimes me and sometimes both in differing parts.

Getting unplayable.