Ground targets not rendered from cockpit view

The ground targets are not rendered when in cockpit view. They will only appear when you are so close that it’s already too late to use guns or rockets efficiently.

When switching to 3rd person view or ‘no cockpit’ view, same targets are rendered from way further away.

Easy test that shows the bug: In test flight, fly towards target and hit pause. Switch between the views.

3rd Person view:

Optics view (laser targeting in su-25):

Cockpit view. Target disappears:

No cockpit. Target reappears:

did u bought su 25 . and now u want play some sim mode for farm rp ? XD.

Been flying in sim for years.

Graphics related? All my ground targets are fully rendered

Made the bug report 3 month ago with french jaguars Community Bug Reporting System

I did again when tested su25 and su25k Community Bug Reporting System

Since there are no replies at all in 3 months, I guess is not important

Do a test and take premium su-25 in test flight. Test with and without cockpit.
See the difference.

This is still happening in the Su-25T in sim.