Ground Sum Rework

I have an idea for ground simulator battles that might make a lot more people play sim. My idea is that Gaijin redoes ground simulator battles to make them kind of like the air simulator battle where anyone can join at any time have a time limit like air sim and make it to where you can start your own sim matches. It’s just an idea because I honestly hate when I have to wait at least four days to play the BR I want to in sim, and I’m sure others hate it too.

All that work for 30 people that play Sim ?

I’m sure if it got reworked more people would play sim. And that’s the point, to try to get more people to play sim.

Not played it since Adats spam all those years ago

People don’t play Sim because it’s been neglected for a decade, that’s no excuse to not improve it, that’s snail logic.

Big issue is that ground spawns dont have protection like af do plus the lack of actual objectives outside of cap.

Adding the air sim spawn system would lead to players rushing spawns then camping, which is already an issue. But now, they have a much large amount of players spawning and feeding them kills.

Those camping spawn still have no need to stop. Once they have the caps, it is sort of the only thing to do.

They would need to make large maps with similar, dynamic objectives as air sim. Then maybe give some sort of at guns around spawns.

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You do have a really good point but there is always a solution to every problem. An idea I can give would be that Gaijin should make it to where if you spawn camp, you get kicked from the match or you don’t any rewards for killing a player in their spawn.

I do say that Gaijin could add something else other than capping points, maybe like teams fight each other to cap points, and after you cap one another spawns. Kind of like how they have it in enlisted but with tanks and aircraft.

And they could make maps bigger kind of like how Tunisia is or possibly bigger. As an example, maybe 3 miles from one spawn to a single point for each side, so roughly 6 miles from one side of the map to another. Also, I would say that the bigger maps would go for 9.0 to 11.7.

These are just some general ideas of to what Gaijin could do to improve ground sim.