Ground sim vehicle list

Alright so we all know how ground sim has never had a good vehicle matchmaker in its history and that for the most part it’s been either extremely stupid at best or complete psych ward at worst, however, I after flying the F-105D in today’s ground rotation noticed that the Z-19E is allowed. 3rd gen thermals with a completely unavoidable air to air missile against a plane with no flares whatsoever, no guided weapons, no targeting pod, and no lock/launch RWR. I know there will be no revisions of the vehicle lists, as no one looks at sim so I would never suggest changing it, but it’s still mental either way.

Upon further inspection, the vehicles allowed range from an F-86 F-30 (1954) to aforementioned helicopter from 2011. More than half a century separated.


SB is surely a abandoned game mode with a lot to offer, but Gaijin doesn’t seems to give some attention to it.


In fact why stop there. After checking the “ww2” simulator I see a Fox is allowed with a Tiger II. a 30 year gap is WAYYYY too low Gaijin. Those are rookie numbers. You gotta pump those up. F86 F-30 to Z-19E is 57 years. You need an M26 Pershing on the same team as a Challenger 1. That’s ONLY 38 years of difference. Actually. Go for GOLD. Leopard 2A5 on the same team as a Panther II. That’d be close, 1945 to 1995. 50 years difference, not quite the 57 we’re aiming for but good enough.

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You should have seen when the 2006 PT-76-57 was in the late ww2 lineup with its autoloaded 57mm gun that had the same pen as the regular tanks at the BR but shot at like 40-60 rpm with a laser range finder


You mean they changed it? Wow.

The rotation doesn’t follows some “logic” of historical accuracy but “balance” between gazillions quotation marks.

So you’ll find sometimes Cold War vehicles against WW2 ones. Like the Pbv 501 (Swedish BMP-1) which currently is the lowest BR one at 6.7. Same BR as most top WW2 vehicles.

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I thought they did.

nah, doesn’t strive for that either. Besides, as the simulator mode it should strive for historical accuracy to a great degree

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In fairness he did say gazillions of quotation marks. So 10^18 " then balance then another 10^18 ". It means nothing at that point.