Ground sim Teamkill problem

i dont have much experience in simulator battles, when i was playing a friendly bmp shoot atgm to me and i thought it was enemy and killed it, i said sorry

next game i thought ztz was a leopard and killed , then i realise its friendly and say sorry too

then got 1 day banned for only 2 kills in seperate matches, this is so stupid to get banned from only 2 kills, i see people do multiple teamkills, also ones on purpose and not get banned. please fix ground sim

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Doesn’t sound like an issue with the game, but on your end. Suggest more attention to what you are doing.

Not a ground sim issue, its a you issue. The first 1 was a return fire accident, it happens, but the 2nd? Learn to identify tanks. Also use the friend or foe mechanic built into the rangefinder. It will literally tell you if you just ranged a friend or not with an “allies at coordinates” comment or something along those lines.

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You have contacted us GM’s about this already via PM. It is not necessary to discuss this specific case also publicly. = )

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i just shot back at a guy that shot me didnt know was friendly

Teamkilling should just be removed from ground sim. Utterly tired of getting teamkilled in tanks that look nothing remotely like the opposing side because people are just that stupid.
If you shoot a friendly it should not punish the person being shot for no fault of their own, it should do no damage to the friendly but just reflect the damage so it punishes the person too stupid to ID their targets before firing.
That way there is actually an incentive to do so.

yeah that is a better experience for both sides, teamkiller doesnt get banned and still gets punished, and other person doesnt die to teammate

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I know right! It’s so annoying to play with Chinese or against Chinese vehicles, since they’re copy paste(in terms of design) of western variants in top tier.

Not an issue in lower tiers since copy paste are of soviet designs, which they are in a team with.