Ground Sim Br Parameters

Look I completely understand having vehicles be partially matched by BR, but this should be done much less in sim battles, facing a fox from the 80s/90s in my early 40’s panther is just embarrassing.


If GJ was ever embarrassed about anything, WT would have over a million players online atm. :D

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LMAO yeah i cannot argue with that

Hey there!

U really picked two nice tanks out there, but in reality they dont really get played that much. On the one side Fox get played more than the panther, bc everybody plays the tiger 2 P. Or on japanese side they play only the ho-ris bc why not ? They costs only 300Sp so with a coupon they spawn 2 times in the production and 1 time in the proto.
There are a lot of veh, but do u see every single one of them beeing played ? I only see Tiger 2P, Panther F (not so common), AMX M4, T34, etc. So only meta veh get played and panther G isnt a meta veh imo.