Ground RP gain really needs to be reworked

Screenshot 2023-09-09 213758
In my opinion, as of now the RP reward system for ground RP is in an appalling state that actively encourages playstyles completely detrimental to the health of top tier ground RP rather than to help it in any way shape or form.
Screenshot 2023-09-09 213811
As you can see here, I got a pathetic 1360 totally RP for killing 10 vehicles in a top tier match, effectively carrying the game by eliminating multiple heavyweight threat.
And yet I got nearly 3 times the amount of RP for simply driving around the map doing nothing as the enemy tanks thinned out.
Capturing 3 zones also reward an equally pathetic amount of RP despite being literally the most important way to win a game in ground RB period.
And then the RP rewards themselves, how is it that despite taking almost just as much work to kill individual enemy vehicles while having to eliminate significantly more numbers every match, and having similar RP multipliers to air, how is it that I get a meagre 7k RP for destroying 10 player vehicles, while jets get to enjoy nearly 3x as much rewards for the same amount of kills?
Not only do ground RP rewards and to an extent SL rewards need to be still significantly increased, the time played should not play such a huge insane weight on the over RP calculation when actively destroying player vehicles and capturing zones are literally the only ways to win a match, it encourages camping behaviour that is still absurdly prevalent at top tier thanks to the fact that camping gets you kills, a massive reward multiplier and the fact that you lose less SL because you die less, this only serves to make top tier games more and more stagnant and discourages active play and make top tier more and more toxic and nothing but a match between seeing who can camp the hardest.


I completely agree in my experience I get the most rp and sl when I just stay alive longer not when I get more kills or cap more zones. This is the same problem in air I got 5 kills and died (the game was a win) and got more rp and sl for 1 kill being alive the whole game.

At this point I feel like I’ll just go back to hiatus after grinding out the rest of the Chinese tree, the RP system is absolutely absurd.

I realized with the new Sons of Atilla update that for me, a player who averages about 2500 to 3000 score per match, ground or air RB both, I still gain less than 10k RP a game. Even with a premium loaded, in this newest update I cannot seem to break the 10k barrier. Before this update literally a couple days ago I was getting 14k in ground RB and around 18-23k in each air RB game. They sneakily lowered the RP gain ALONG with the reduction in RP cost of most the vehicles. This seems to mainly effect players doing the best in the matches. So with that, even with the reduced RP cost of the vehicles, the grind seemingly takes even longer than before. This is absolutely absurd in my opinion how this has gone by most people.

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