Ground Realistic RP

The M1A2’s modifications take far too long to get, or it just feels like I play any top tier nation and I get 5 kills and at max I get 3k RP and it feels like im grinding just to get gut punched.

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Talisman helps

I know but I dont got money rn and I dont wanna spend 3k for a talisman since im going to use the sep more once I get it ofc

In 3 weeks, it might be on sale for 50%.

Even after the removal of the ridiculous “End of line” research cost penalty, and all the foldering, ground research progress is ridiculously slow, especially compared to Air RB.

I’m not even that good a player (1,300 average mission score) but I can pull off top of the team games every now and then, even with full premium/talisman lineups you barely get any RP. The basic RP rewards are just too low.

I would say at a minimum we need maybe 5 times higher RP rewards on average.

Helicopters are just painful. I don’t even know a reasonable number to assign here, could be 10 or something times more RP. If planes could research helicopters there’d be absolutely no problem whatsoever.

Naval and Air could use a small increase, maybe 150-250% of what they are now.

Ground RP is still 2-3x worse than air RP, I assume people at Gaijin don’t care for ground as much as air so it endlessly get screwed for grinding, silver lions, events, tasks etc.

I think SL grind is best in Naval with premiums, but also ground forces are pretty good SL. Air SL has never really seemed all that big to me.

I make many excuses to myself for spending anything on this game, but I bet I am nothing compared to what some people must spend on War Thunder. I suspect human nature being what it is that Gaijin hope that by the time a player gets to M1A2 levels they have been conditioned to spend what it takes to get that vehicle and get it up and running. Start small on low BR and gradually get used to the increasing costs whether its SL or GE.

I wait for the 50% sales but so many are throwing £60($75?) at vehicle packs on a regular basis. I can’t imagine doing that, but some obviously are.

The whole game runs like a theme park using every trick to get a player to spend cash. Like the ride always exiting into a gift shop.

for real

I kinda do the same lol

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