Ground RB nearly unplayable

I dont understand but no matter what, I play 5.7, get uptiered to a 6,7 lobby with t34s and M6A2E1 and cannot play the game, not to mention whenever I could FINALLY GET A KILL, I get bombed like wtf is this game, already at a 200+ ping disadvantage and have to vs tanks that are post ww2???
Like the M18 is good and all but it cant compete with 90% of the tanks im versing
Fix the game

You can play the game, just know you are upteried when you are, and work on that.

You’re a light tank, and you have to transition to being a scout in those situations until you get the bulldog and move on through.

5.3 to 5.7 has a .4 gap, compared to the others .3 gaps, and some nations have gaps in certain spots, which leads to some nations having super sweet spots, and others having really tough times. If you trim your BR back a bit and spade all those proper, you’ll likely also research something that you’re going for.

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It is not difficult to understand. In that 6.7 match you will be facing 5.7s, 6.0s 6.3s, and 4 x 6.7s. The 6.7s are not the only vehicles you face, engagements can be controlled, and your team will have matching top BR players.

If you rush up a tech tree a non-issue turns into a personal issue. If you can’t handle facing 5.7s it is time to drop back down and improve.

An uptier is an uptier. It will always be problematic.
On top of that M18 is kind of a special tank. It used to rule the 4.7, then 5.0, then 5.3 matches. So it was eventually uptiered to 5.7 and on top of that Panthers got downtiered to 5.7 as well.
Now it is just overtiered and mainly useful as a scout. Same happened with T20, which you will rarely see in a match because it got uptiered to 6.0.