Ground RB is the single most miserable, noob-unfriendly gamemode I have ever played in a video game

With heatfs at that rank you can pen anything so aim at ammo and you will be one shotting them. I once won 2v1 against two Tigers in PT76. It will also prepare you for BMP-1 gameplay.

Unfortunately, I possess a really. bad case of “Skill Issue.” Pretty deadly disease to be honest. Means most of the time I can’t kill then because I don’t know where to aim however some time in the protection analysis should help quite a bit and hopefully cure me of this awful disease. :D

I find RB games so sterile these days, no one talks or says anything actually related to the game other than the usual radio spam… May as well play with AI.

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Depends how many languages you speak. I barely know one, so there is that. And of course if this is your main account (odd as says you have less than 2000 battles but I know you have many more!?) then I’d have thought new players are too busy working out the rest of the game (as they grind blindly to the top but learn very little).

Swear at them all and they respond, however.

Experienced players don’t play these battle rating especially for the money.
Just the pleasure of playing with rather powerful WWII tanks.
Br 4.7 to 6.7 are the battle rating, where a large part of the community plays. Inevitably, neophytes will come across veterans more often.

This is normal, as it’s a small shell with very little explosive charge, and the HEAT jet is quite weak (200mm penetration).
The main aim is to neutralize the enemy tank’s firepower (gunner/barrel/gun head). You need to learn the location of the gunners in enemy tanks (generally to the right of the gun on German or Russian tanks, and to the left of the gun on American tanks).
One-shots can be guaranteed by firing directly into the ammunition, with a nice explosion as a result.

I totally agree

In fact, I’ve been a tanker since 2015 on the game in GRB with all the nations unlocked and the tier VI/VII sought after.
However, I mainly play from 4.7 to 8.0.
With preferred nations/BR:
Great Britain: 4.7/ 6.3 / 7.3
Russia: 5.7/6.3/6.7
Germany: 4.3/5.3/5.7/6.7
France: 6.7

And only since the beginning of the year have I started playing Air RB.
And, of course, I find it difficult to play against experienced players. Even if I already have a good reading of the game…
I watch videos and, above all, I play in squads to improve.

To help you, there’s also the forum and its academy.
Click on the “tutorial” tag and discover shangxiang’s magnificent work.



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Russia has a great line up so hang in there and keep watching other players to pick up on tactics. Also map knowledge is huge so experience will help a lot. Also know Ground RB is plagued by illegal mods so you’ll get better at spotting that also.

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Maybe try France? At BR 4.0 you get the AMX 13 FL-11, while its gun is not stable (must stop to shoot) it’s a good scout and it often survives the first shot. After this you get the EBR and a powerful ARL-44 tank with fat shells that are deadly at close range. Plus the armour is better than most vehicles that I play (officially ARL-44 is a tank destroyer, ranked BR 5.3).

We need more spaa players in the game. I’ve experimented with spaa from about 6 different nations and I try all the different ammo types. Italy has an atrocious spaa (M42 Contraereo) but I found that Perforante mod.35 is possibly the best ammo for that vehicle. It shoots planes very effectively. So I experiment a lot with different ammo. Bosvark is my favourite spaa… sometimes the “red” ammos work better than “blue”… I don’t know why but the incendiary sometimes works better, especially when planes are flying straight at me.

I’m glad that you enjoy playing spaa. By using spaa, you slow down the enemy team and ruin their strategy. Great fun! They never expect it and there are many bad CAS players at Rank II and Rank III.

Honestly I agree that the lineup is great but they I don’t think they are my type of vehicles. I tried playing the Pz IV H and was doing quite well in it. I was getting on average 1-2 kills per life in it with only a few times with 0 kills. It felt great to play and I feel like Germany may be my type of nation for tanks. Researching the VK 3002 right now and currently enjoying my lineup unlike my Russian lineup. Seems like I might just stick with Germany as they also have really cool tanks like the marder’s , gerard’s, and tiger 2’s.

Well, use your senses, hearing and sight obviously, but use your 6th sense, if you think that an enemy is sitting behind a corner don’t peak it, avoid it.

Troll, the guy is asking for help and you crap on him.

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Dude hit me up in game and I’ll play with you. Don’t stress.

I’ll only be online again on sunday though EU window :)

I do attempt to do that however, I will say that my 6th sense always thinks there is someone around a certain corner and then a teammate pushes it and it’s just fine and no one is there. Most of the time I can use that 6th sense.

My problem is sight. I wear a gaming headset so I need not worry about hearing as it gives me an ungodly amount of situational awareness in CQC. However, with sight, I have a really hard time. For example, Berlin and Karmelia(I think that’s what it is called? It’s the one forest map.) Every single time I get Karmelia, I really think just about leaving the match. I can’t see anything on that map and it doesn’t help when people cover their tank with bushes to prevent me from seeing them or hitting their weak spots. Also happens when people decide to sit in a bunch of trees the entire game on maps and I have trouble seeing them as well.

Berlin isn’t as bad as the movement of tanks stands out a lot compared to the still greyness of it but it is still hard.

I love maps like Sinai and Finland for that reason. Tanks stand out so much compared to the vast open desert or bright snow and their camos don’t usually help that much in those maps. It’s so nice to see your enemy on that map instead of blindly looking around hoping someone appears in your vision.

Unfortunately I will not be able to log on sunday due to some stuff I have going on that day. Thanks for your offer though. :)

No stress man, I’m usually around anyways. So if you ever feel like it (not obligated) just dm me :)

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He simply has to get better, that’s all. Its pointless to complain that someone else has simply put more effort to the game and therefore is better at it. I know what truth really hurts you (based on squadron you are in) but whenever you like it or not there is always a better player somewhere and the struggle is simply a part of the process.

Yeah life is hard and then you die. I learned that in the real military. But at the end of the day this is a video game, and if you act like a dick in a video game what does that make you in real life? And the ‘hard truth’ is the people in my squadron are really good people and we accept and welcome new players; and no matter how good you are, we don’t want you if you are a dick. It’s being a team player that counts.

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Playing Russia - the Bias code nation - and still struggling? I’m very amused, but I’ll still offer some tips.

Map knowledge and positioning are extremely important. Try to learn the maps.
YouTube and the internet are your friends in regards to knowledge of maps and modes.
Protection analysis isn’t perfect, but it gives you knowledge aswell in regards to weak spots and where your loaded shells can pen.
Practicing your rangefinding is a huge deal, I recommend practicing it.
SPAA. Vital part of a line-up. Keep it with you and practice.


Now that’s good advice 8)

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@ICrayonEatr You’ve got this youtube channel that presents tactics for winning on most maps.
Videos in English or French, in GAB or GRB.