Ground RB is the single most miserable, noob-unfriendly gamemode I have ever played in a video game

I am at a loss for words at this. point. For a little backstory, I play at around 4.7-5.3 with Russia and get the absolutely bodied by everybody there.

I quite literally feel completely hopeless. I want to enjoy the gamemode, but I get these guys who have 100x more experience than me and just completely destroying me. I don’t know what to do next time stuff liner his happens because they just completely stomp me and i can’t learn from that.

Literally every single tank I have played is at a negative k/s ratio. The average match for me is 0-1 kills and 3+ deaths. I want to enjoy the gamemode, I really do. But, constantly getting destroyed by people that are better than me and have been playing Ground RB so much longer than me and just grind players at low tier for silver is ridiculous.

Compare this to Air RB. Air RB is perhaps one of the most noob-friendly modes I have ever seen. The only thing you need to learn is how to aim the guns and a few others things and you’re set. I don’t know if this is just me playing Air RB a lot but I digress.

How do I get better? Getting completely stomped with very few kills between multiple matches is just not fun. I really do want to enjoy it as I love tanks but as of right now I can’t.


Bring in PT-76B and kill those pesky heavy tanks thinking nothing can pen them.

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Rushing anywhere near 5.0~6.0 gets you punished, it’s the german playground and you’ll pretty much always have at least a noticeable firepower disadvantage and you’ll face veteran players all the time. Simply playing lower BRs is all you can do and get better before you move up

I do, but I feel like that HEATFS is so weak. I’ve had a couple of times where it ha

nced. Not kidding. Not to mention even when it does pen, I have never killed anything in one shot. Usually just kill a crew member or two and they proceed to light me up with MG fire.

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Ground RB is a steep learning curve, and it’s not helped by the fact that GJN has very limited tutorials, and almost no strategic/tactical guidance for tankers.

My advice would be to watch good players on youtube and try to pick up on things they are doing. Positioning is everything, so stay low in cover as much as possible. You need to constantly be thinking “where can I be seen from right now, and how likely is it that there will be an enemy there?”


Don’t worry about that, it’s probably the same for me. One thing you can try, is get 1 month premium and get to Italy 6.3 (it’s not hard) then you can hoon around and rush these dumb german players, and blow them up or cripple them with a single shot from the FIAT 6614. Russia vs Germany is just going to be frustrating.

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luckily, I just bought 90 days worth of premium so I could try that however based on how poor my performance is with Russian tanks (even though they are one of if not the best nations in the game) I’m not sure I feel confident going for another tech tree that is harder to play than Russia. Not really comfortable with most of Italy’s vehicles so it will make Ground Rb worse than it already is for me.

You’ll improve over time dont worry, the more you play the maps the more familiar you will get with them, a bit of general advice would be to slow down justa tad and if you get a position watching over the exits of a pac zone just wait for a minute or two for people who have capped to come out, and if you are having trouble with the guns spend a bit of time in the armour simulator with the vehicles you are struggling with and see where to shoot them. If you let us know what specific vehicles you are playing i can give advice for each specific vehicle. In general i wouldnt recommend russia as a starter nation, because often the armour will save you from poorly placed shots, but it isnt really consistent, and it teaches bad habits. the russian tanks also almost universally have little ot no gun depression which limits the positions they can play.


The point is by playing what you face you learn a lot more (in my opinion). Of course there is a limit as doing all nations is an almost impossible task. And remember progress is and always has been slower in GF than AF, in part due to single spawn v multi-spawn.

Drop back down, try more, try not to follow the lemmings (all the way up to 8.0 I find most matches a total mess due to players). And to be fair I found ARB more brutal with much less pearl clutching at many more higher levelled players and squads playing from the bottom BRs upwards.

There isn’t one clear direction of the advice that can be given as most people play completely differently. Mid Russia have the brawling like a headless chicken advantage as enemies huddle and misuse maps and that BR the armour is trolly, especially when wiggling about.

You are also more at the mercy of your team/quality of enemy team, much more so than what I find in ARB.


Currently, my lineup is T-34-85 D5T, IS-1, ISU-152 (being replaced by the SU-85M soon), PT-76, and BTR-ZD. Looked like a pretty good lineup to me and T-34-85 has saved my butt with its gun note times than I can count and IS-1 just sometimes likes to eat shells (provided I angle a little bit.) PT-76 has been rough as it goes from just completely destroying Panthers, Tigers, and anything that thinks they are invincible due to their armor, and sometimes it just straight up does nothing. Probably just a skill issue though. ISU-152 is a complete meme and I absolutely love it. HEAT 152 absolutely shreds anything that attempts to use it’s armour to its advantage.

Also just a question, is it weird that I look forward to playing un SPAA more than the actual tanks? I think it’s because I’m not that great at actual tanks and am great at AA but it’s just really fun to rid the skies of CAS so friendlies don’t get bombed. I think this will change when I get better with tanks but for now it’s great fun.

I will say that Russia is not my first nation. I first did Germany, then Britain, then Russia. I have the Tiger and Panther in Germany but don’t enjoy their playstyle or anything about them and playing the Sherman Firefly and Churchill sucked because I hated Sherman and Churchill.

There are many ways to use tanks effectively in WT.
If you’re good, you can be first line causing the attention.
If you’re learning, it’s better to do 2nd line back & take things more cautiously.

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play with others mate.

feel free to come play some matches when you get the chance, same for anyone else.

You are mad because some people are better than you?..

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I can be upset that matching players with 100x my experience sucks the fun out of the game. I imagine the same thing happens to a new Air RB player when they face players like me who know how to energy fight, BnZ, hit a majority of our shots, and use certain plane’s disadvantage (such as compression at high speeds or poor turn rate / roll rate) to completely wipe the floor with them. They probably are pissed when it happens too, So, is it not ok for me to be a little upset that I have trouble fighting people with much more experience and skill than I do.

With heatfs at that rank you can pen anything so aim at ammo and you will be one shotting them. I once won 2v1 against two Tigers in PT76. It will also prepare you for BMP-1 gameplay.

Unfortunately, I possess a really. bad case of “Skill Issue.” Pretty deadly disease to be honest. Means most of the time I can’t kill then because I don’t know where to aim however some time in the protection analysis should help quite a bit and hopefully cure me of this awful disease. :D

I find RB games so sterile these days, no one talks or says anything actually related to the game other than the usual radio spam… May as well play with AI.

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Depends how many languages you speak. I barely know one, so there is that. And of course if this is your main account (odd as says you have less than 2000 battles but I know you have many more!?) then I’d have thought new players are too busy working out the rest of the game (as they grind blindly to the top but learn very little).

Swear at them all and they respond, however.

Experienced players don’t play these battle rating especially for the money.
Just the pleasure of playing with rather powerful WWII tanks.
Br 4.7 to 6.7 are the battle rating, where a large part of the community plays. Inevitably, neophytes will come across veterans more often.

This is normal, as it’s a small shell with very little explosive charge, and the HEAT jet is quite weak (200mm penetration).
The main aim is to neutralize the enemy tank’s firepower (gunner/barrel/gun head). You need to learn the location of the gunners in enemy tanks (generally to the right of the gun on German or Russian tanks, and to the left of the gun on American tanks).
One-shots can be guaranteed by firing directly into the ammunition, with a nice explosion as a result.

I totally agree

In fact, I’ve been a tanker since 2015 on the game in GRB with all the nations unlocked and the tier VI/VII sought after.
However, I mainly play from 4.7 to 8.0.
With preferred nations/BR:
Great Britain: 4.7/ 6.3 / 7.3
Russia: 5.7/6.3/6.7
Germany: 4.3/5.3/5.7/6.7
France: 6.7

And only since the beginning of the year have I started playing Air RB.
And, of course, I find it difficult to play against experienced players. Even if I already have a good reading of the game…
I watch videos and, above all, I play in squads to improve.

To help you, there’s also the forum and its academy.
Click on the “tutorial” tag and discover shangxiang’s magnificent work.



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