Ground RB, Ground Vehicles only - Game mode suggestion

As the title say, i would suggest that gaijin creates a Ground Vehicle only mode.

Not as replacement, but for all that want fair Tank vs Tank combat.

There is not much to say about it, the benefits are clear.

I bet my arm that a ton of current/old and new players would love a gamemode without Planes and Helis (and attack drones)

And dont forgett the players that left WT or high tier battles just because of this issue.


you can share your thoughts and suggestions in this one as well (both Topics have literally the same title so might as well share it there)

What? no its not… he suggest a one spawn mode… i suggest a tank only mode… thats not the same!

Tank only mode topic existed in old forum. So I am keeping this one assuming there is not one yet. If there is an older one, please report to me o7

This one?