Can we get a mode added for just tanks?

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I support this idea.


That would be great!

People who want to play just tanks wouldn’t be a burden to mixed battle teams. It would improve the game for everyone.


No good reason it can’t at the very least be a regularly recurring event.


Just for reference…the discussion from old forum, if anyone wants to read or search into it:

Wow…5 years+






Sadly A tank only Mode is not planned for the moment


yes please


Yes, please. Down with CAS!!!

And shame on you people in this forum who are seeking to drown out different viewpoints by exploiting forum mechanics and labeling posts like this as spam. No wonder this place is dead.


Good to see the classics back!

What @FastGT007 says is TO advocates’ cue to sell Gaijin on the idea.

Go ahead with it! :)


No. Death from Above is fun.


If TO advocates continue to shun supportive ideas for TO, they will continue to fail.

Gaijin already told you here there’s nothing on their agenda for this.

Be wise and sell them on it…it’s either TO advocates do that or forfeit any hope of success.

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That would be a dream come true for campers though, CAS is one of the only effective counters for them.


Oh, it knew I was talking about it.
Maybe it will succumb to old age after soiling up the thread for another six years.

Why do people persist on wanting a tank only mode, there is a reason it isnt planned and tbh wont ever be.

Ill break it down as to why:

RP/SL rewards would drastically change (good or bad) why? well the moment you remove any CAS the games will automatically extend themselves, and considering RP is directly tied to time spent in a match based on the actions you have completed well do the math, RP/SL earnings would sky rocket even if players simply kept to the same number of kills/actions per game. While I would like a quicker grind, I highly doubt this will be good as it defeats the purpose of progression if you are now going to be grinding out RP/SL 20-40% faster (maybe even more) so I’de expect some RP/SL modifier nerfs to happen (which wont go well for part of the community)

You will also have to factor in MANY Jets with mostly a Ground focused loadout/config, these would require extensive BR adjustments (maybe even ranks) so this tbh will mean potentially a huge shift in a lot of BRs for good or for worse (so I dont expect this to go too well)

Aircraft players will be exclusively forced into ARB or arcade, this can actually cause potentially 2 problems, firstly this devalues literally ANY event vehicle and ANY premium vehicle if there main role (ground striking) is render almost useless due to ARB setup and map setups (this could be solved through fixing maps but thats honestly more work for the sake of a tank only mode) the other issue then becomes that some players simply dont enjoy ARB (aircraft vs aircraft) so by forcing them into an air only mode you then create an issue of some players might simply refuse to touch the mode entirely which could either drive player population down in both modes (ground and air) or could force players away from the game as a result.

dont get me wrong, I would love a ground only mode, but it just creates far too many issues for longevity, premium devaluation, event vehicle devaluation (specifically ground strike capable vehicles)

Instead they would be better investing that time to fix the CAS problem by drastically increasing SP costs, they did a great job with the Helicopter nerfs (SACLOS and salvo limitations) now they need to focus on Jets and the capabilities they have and find ways to improve the ground experience so both types of players can enjoy the mode collectively without shunning one type of player out for the sake of another.


You seem to have neglected an incredibly obvious point in your blog though.
Adding a tank only mode does not mean removing the existing mode, no more than the existence of heli and plane only modes remove the existence of the current ground mode.


Where do you get any of that? How does adding a mode for just tanks have anything to do with jets? I’m not asking that they remove the GFRB mode. I’m asking that they add a mode for just tanks. GFRB mode would still be there for all of those folks who want to play it. (And a LOT of people have told me TO is such an unpopular idea that it would just be the few of us there trying to play, anyway!)


I chose not to mention this because it creates the same issue, your splitting the player base even further, if you have both a ground only mode and a mixed arms mode (air+tanks) both modes will collectively have less players as they will be split.

How do you then balance RP/SL for both modes when both modes will catagorically have differing match times due to how easier it is for matches to end when CAS can despawn players far quicker than tanks vs tanks can.

Again RP = time spent for your actions so a tank only mode would offer greater rewards, and gaijin would 100% reduce these to compensate but you would still have a split of players between now 6 modes (air arcade/realistic - ground arcade/realistic - ground only realistic/arcade)

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the fact you think this has nothing to do with jets shows your view point is flawed (not bias) just you havent thought about the domino effect that another mode, specifically tank only mode would do to other modes and other types of players)