[Ground RB]Can we stop this Map madness?

Will this madness ever end? Maps are starting to be very limited, changed in a way that is quite harmful and destroys the entire fun of this game? Has anyone actually ever asked for such changes? He complained that someone had made a flank attack and killed him? It is sad what is happening now with my favorite game, it is no longer fun, I would like to return to WarThunder from 3 years ago, despite the bad economy in the game, the game was more playable than now.

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The last map layout is pure ass. I’m sure there are some in the community who love this nose to nose fight, but it’s just a garbage layout.

The second one isn’t too bad, and at least provides you the chance to get out of the old spawn locations if you lose the hill in E4.

The first map layout isn’t terrible, but if you decide to push along the A line, the spawn site in C7 it’s now just open land with a slight depression to move through. You can fire from the other side and easily.

Again there are some in the community who will point out that everyone should just play the objectives, but not everyone wants to just hold W and hope the vehicle you picked is able to at least take some damage or dish out some punishment.


Have we heard a single word from Gaijin as to why they’re doing this, I guess once the bad reviews stopped their care for transparency did as well?


Welcome to COD Thunder


The Hurtgen change isn’t bad at all, it keeps people from hiding in the bushes for the whole match.

Fire Arc already sucks, and I don’t think it was made any better

Carpathians was made better and worse. The second spawn is great and alleviates the spawn camping issue it had slightly, but it also eliminated a good flanking route which is bad.

And I have no clue what they were smoking with that Alaska change.

Spawn in your premium vehicle, drive in a straight line, kill/die, leave, play again.

Honestly this seems what Gaijin wants, completely ruining your RP gain by reducing match duration as that is the main factor for earning anything so you get a premium to maximize the garbage RP whilst also ensuring queue times remain low as that’s their absurd obsession.


They want the maximum number of games per hour. Simple. Its how they make the game look healthier than it actually is.

Seems to be, whilst also ensuring you cannot earn RP.
Genuinely cannot think of a different reason to do it.

Yep, its really really annoying. I specifically play SB instead of RB for air because I hate the short “take-off, furball, die, repeat” matches. I like to actually employ tactics. Kinda the same for naval too. EC is by far the better gamemode (actually has been confirmed that the reason why Naval EC is only run on weekends is because too many people play it over NRB and so no one plays NRB)

They really need a ground EC, that would be so much fun. But yeah, as someone who plays Challenger 2s at the moment. GRB is just not fun. We need much larger maps that support a slower game pace.


Ok, let’s hit these maps in number order.

  1. Honestly the half a square smaller on both isn’t all that notable.

  2. It’s Fire Arc. already one of the worst maps in the game. (personal opinion)

  3. This one is good. Made the map playable at all BRs.

  4. I haven’t had that happen much however most people how extreme flank on single-point maps do it to spawn camp. don’t mean it’s a good change but I understand what they were trying to do albeit badly.

All modes suck in their own way and have seen zero innovation in over 10 years, it’s ridiculous.
Gaijin had a good idea like 15 years ago and created a good baseline product and then completely wasted the potential and opportunity at every corner, done nothing to actually deserve their success and is just lucky that somehow no competitor stepped up in all that time.

They’re not even trying, is the sad part.

War Thunder’s biggest problem is that everything is still built around WW2 so we have tech from decades later trying to fight WW2 over what they were built for.

In 10 years we went from playing the M2A4 to playing the M1A2 on the same maps with the same issues and the same problems, arguably it got even worse without the D point, without traction, without AI ground vehicles, without Break, without Skirmish.

Changes on the maps have different effects in different eras, I don’t know what era someone was referring to when making these changes, taking away the possibility of flanking will mean that soon we will be fighting against each other, who will be the last one to survive. All these games took place on top BR where the ability to change position and move around the map is mandatory, and here we mostly get an open field without any possible covers, no tactical approach, only who sees who first and hits whom. I don’t even want to develop the second map, this map should have ended up in the trash a long time ago third map terrible change to BR above 8.7, just occupy the hill and you can shoot at both spawn points. The last map You don’t even want to imagine how to play such a map in top BR. These are only a small part of the changes in the maps I presented, there are many more maps changed and unfortunately most of them have a very negative impact on the gameplay at higher BRs above 8.7

  1. thats not true it destroys all flank positions north and south
  2. idk I liked to play the vilage and small hill between a and village
  3. I agree
    4.this is just dogshit map design concentrated on the most dog shit part of the map

combined naval and gaijin moment

naval moment: no one plays it because it sucks (i play naval the gamemode and map sucks but naval in and of itself has potential)

gaijin moment: not adding it as the standard despite it being clearly the more popular gamemode

Mozdok …

I was really angry yesterday. This position is so important. No matter which side you play.


Honestly, these maps just need different modes from maps with 5 points. But rare.
So we get ABC and D or maps such as A, B, C, D, and E. Would be a interesting experiment to test and see if it could work or not.

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They should at the very least just alter the map and terrain, this is such a lazy thing to do.

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That position wasn’t used by many players, and isn’t really an issue if people actually look left/right when they are on B. But unfortunately, the majority of players who take B just drive to the edge of the hill and fire into the spawns. Makes zero sense why they decided to block this out, but again Gaijin being lazy and catering to the hold W play the objective crowd.

I don’t play anything above 8.0 so I can’t imagine that this would be all that fun, if this map comes up for the higher BR vehicles. Great if you hold B and C with numbers as you can lock down the spawn

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