Ground Rank VIII was added to the game but vehicles were not moved to 12.3

What is the benefit of maintaining compression?

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Ruining the gameplay is the benefit, which is what Gaijin wants.

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I was going to make a post about this (but more detailed).

Basically 11.7 encompasses loads of tanks for the U.S., France, Germany and Britain etc that have vastly different performance (or should have), expanding ground to 12.3 would allow things like the Chally 2, Leclerc, Abrams and Leo 2 to be properly spread and given appropriate buffs.

Some nations would need more tanks though, like the Soviets or Israelis. I’m not sure where the current T-90M or T-80BVM would go to if ground went to 12.3 for example, especially if the new 12.3 tanks got the appropriate buffs.

Also edit; playing stock Soviet 11.3, it’s no fun getting my ass blasted by a 2A5, but never mind a 2A7V, which is somehow the same BR as the 2A5.

Other nations have functioned with only two 11.7 MBTs until these past few updates where Gaijin has been copy pasting tanks with ERA modeled.

Russia would work just fine with two 12.3 MBTs

Israel has no MBT that could be classified as 12.3

Yes, specifically any tank with spall liners modeled should be placed at 12.3, any Rank VIII vehicle should as well be placed at 12.3 ignoring SPAAs which are harder to balance.

Stock NATO tanks face Russian ERA this is the game’s balance.

New “top dog” vehicles are created that dominate existing vehicles, creating a big incentive to get one of your own. Spending GE is the fastest way to do that.

Once the GE spending slows down the BR is increased and then the next new top dog is introduced.

An excuse to sell top tier premiums.

Yes I believe we can have both.

I haven’t actually looked are the Click Bait’s RP modifiers better than the KVT’s?

I would say it doesn’t matter since you could already grind efficiently at 10.3 but if the Click Bait’s modifier is significantly higher I’d agree.

I was referring to people using GE to unlock the 2A7, etc. Buying your way into the latest/greatest vehicle is quite common in my experience.

After an update I frequently see people in their shiny new toys immediately.