Ground Radar mode for aircrafts: where are those?

I have no idea what this was about then.

Edit: besides why would gaijin add other weapons that use the same technology if they already have a problem with it.

Ok, there are basically two parts to break down here.

BCN displays ground and air beacons for navigation purposes using the same PPI display as Ground Map. However, it doesn’t display the ground map video data, as that would interfere with the beacon display.

Basically, when operating in beacon mode, the radar pulse triggers a time-coded response from a navigation beacon - either a static ground station, or an air-to-air beacon on a tanker - which is used to place the beacon indicator on the PPI display at the correct position relative to the aircraft.

What you’re describing here isn’t a radar function, but rather a navigation system function that derives the target lat/long from the radar cursor position. And depending on the aircraft, said functionality either wouldn’t exist, or would exist in all ground (GM, E GM, E DBS, BCN, E BCN) and surface (SEA 1, X2 SEA 1, X4 SEA 1, SEA 2, X4 SEA 2) radar display modes.

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It’s troll player thinking same way you do,… thats this thread is about something that is not.

I ask to add GROUND MODE FOR RADAR + IF RADAR CAN LOCK THEN YOU HAVE INFORMATIONS (Basically displayed range in 3rd Person view, eventually helping to set FLIR/Camera on the area)

I never ask for “Adding weapons that could use such radar wave directly”

Dude, you need to take a chill pill. I responded to another guy’s comment you freaked out and now your upset that i made a point about the system is going to be limited.

If you really want to have an idea what your asking for use the 64D in game. It does exactly what you are asking for. Just ask them to model it on the other aircraft. Gaijin will be more inclined with this because it requires less coding and less of their time.

In my opinion it would be a gimmick. It provides little benefit because it can not tell the difference between live/dead friend/foe, and gets over saturated mid game. So really would not care if it was added.

N010/N010M Yak-141/MiG-29SMT

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N010 initial variant is unable of ground mode, from what i’ve found.

N010M is the first variant (with the N010ME Export sub-variant) to use a ground mode.
I can’t find relevant information about SMT using the Zhuk-M // Zhuk-ME, apart the bug report of SMT that changed the radar to N010M on SMT

Gonna check in-game if it have or not the system already.

EDIT: i didn’t understand Russian Designations until now,…
so,… if i take this wikipedia: Mikoyan MiG-29 - Wikipedia

MiG-29S / SD / SM - used N019M radar
MiG-29SE - used N019ME radar (export variant)
MiG-29 (9.17) SMT (upgrade of previous MiG-29 S/SM)- uses a N010M / N010ME “Zhuk-ME” and features most/all MiG-29M features

The Radar N019MP was proposed aswell for MiG-29 SMT, and is having AG modes (unlike N019E on germans ones)

in game it doesn’t have that feature

Radar N010M is added alongside N019MP in “Known radar…”

Yak-141 definetly not part of Ground radar mode capable (radar N010 don’t recieved such feature initially)

I would rather have thermal pod than radar on Su-39. For me it’s useless because it can lock allies and you can easy teamkill and if there is a lot of clutter radar just going crazy. Got me few TKs from 10km launch because from 10km I couldn’t see ally marker.

that’s another problem - VID checks are possible for aircrafts having both targeting pod+Radar ground mode

currently possible in both AH-64/Ka-52 helicopter for exemple.
Su-39 is kinda limited “yet”

I search information about :

→ Ericsson PS37 radar series, in order to add Viggen variants to list

→ AN/APG-68 , for F-16C

→ Blue Vixen , for Sea Harrier FA.2

→ AN/APQ-113 // AN/APQ-114, for F-111A
→ AN/APQ-110, for F-111A

→ KJL-1/2 also known as NRIET Type 243H, for JH-7A

→ AN/AWG-12 (or J/APG-12), for F-1 Mitsubishi

→ AN/APG-66J, F-4EJ Kai → if similar to F-16 AN/APG-66

It would be very useful in something like the SMT, since you don’t get a lot of time to search for targets in the non-thermal targeting camera before spaa slams you out of the air.

Having the ground radar would allow for quicker target acessment and less time in firing altitude.

One problem I can predict is how it can lock on friendlies, but still.

Oh no the horrors of CAS not being able to delete ground units without any hinderance.

Well, you can still do it in the mig27K. It would just give a boost to a fairly weak CAS (compared to F-16s) as the Mig29SMT since it’s equipment doesn’t have that much range (for moving targets).

@BolorPensante @Beeschurger : please focus,… the thread is not for personnal ideal of what should be GRB CAS,… go create new thread if you feel that need.