Ground Radar mode for aircrafts: where are those?

Yeah. lets focus on ground first, would be more useful, though anything that can track a tank, can probably track a ship.

(Just a bit sad looking at the “radar” on the Buc)

i search some people to confirm if AH-64D got radar mode or not.

please verify all other high tier chopper if you can (it’s something i do not play a lot)

The AH Mk1 Apache (British AH64D) has ground radar mode. Never used it though


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Imagine an AH-64D locking and rippling off 16 Hellfires… while masked behind a tree line.

It only has air mode in the game.

Really? So Britain has a better AH64D than the US?

That is quite surprising

I was going off the Wiki:

The radar is not effective in obtaining target lock for ground vehicles. The AGM-114L radar guided Hellfire is not in the game, so guidance of Hellfires should be done by using the FLIR thermal imaging camera to lase targets.

Hmm… Whilst it is accurate that Hellfires cant be guided via radar in game, the British Apache (which is AH-64D) does have A2G radar and can be used to slave the camera.

Wiki isnt actually official (its like the actual wiki) so the information might be wrong or outdated


Its like the F-14/AIM-54, nerfed of its OP IRL capabilities.


That I agree on. Im dreading the day when they add Brimstones. They are going to be butchered

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28N does not have a radar in-game.

And doesn’t the Z-19 have a ground mode?

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I didn’t checked everything, the list is possible to change.

If MiG-28N don’t have that but NM have one,… then it’s bug-report aswell,… gonna change that back.

For Z-19, can anyone confirm?
(In general, i’ll rely on people for choppers as i don’t plan on playing them all)

I know, that’s why I’m just pointing stuff out.

I’m still grinding towards it myself, but if you watch a video by somebody like JustinPlays

You can go to 11:29 and see.

Yes, only the Mi-28NM has the radar.

Thanks, can i have the radar name displayed in game, to add it in?


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As far as I’m aware, none of the APG-66 variants were capable of tracking ground targets.

The thing is that while the progressive upgrades to the APG-66 improved aspects of it - for example, the addition of TWS with the APG-66(V)2 - the basic master modes didn’t change. These master modes can be demonstrated by the radar control panel in the APG-66-equipped A/TA-4K Skyhawk:


Those basic modes are, basically -

  • OFF - self explanatory
  • STBY - starts a 3-minute time-delay so that the system BIT can run prior to switching to other modes
  • AUTO - radar is controlled by the master avionics systems, with the sole exception of BCN
  • AIR - sets the primary radar operation mode to air-to-air
  • GM - sets the primary radar operation mode to Ground Map
  • BCN - sets the primary radar operation mode to beacon reply information
  • SEA 1 - sets the primary radar operation mode to low sea state surface vessel detection mode
  • SEA 2 - sets the primary radar operation mode to high sea state surface vessel detection mode

I’m searching for following radar abilities:

Search only → basically a display on radar giving you basic heading and range by reading the radar directly.

Search&Track (SRC or TWS AG modes)-> same as before but with Tracking ability

Search&Track MTI/PD → same as before but with MTI/Pulse-Doppler systems

It wasn’t really precised earlier, but it still what i’m seaching for.

The Potential List is radar/Aircrafts on which i have a doubt having this → a doubt is to be searched out and verified.

Found this website speaking of AN/APG-66(V2):
" AN/APG-66(V)2 has the following operating modes:

  • Air-to-Air: Combined search and track; Track-While-Scan (TWS); air combat search and automatic tracking.
  • Air-to-Surface: Real beam mapping; 64:1 Doppler beam sharpening; scan freeze; ranging; beacon homing; sea search and combined ground-map and air target track."

So there is somewhere a possibility to found with radar to “lock” (EDITED: the BCN part as described by @joshwagstaff13 )
basically pointing on map where is the ennemy, but not following by itself (–> usable for IOG and GPS launch _ slaving FLIR Pod)

PS - Source is not Gaijin trust-able, yet it assesses the abiltiy of radar, and the interest of loosing time to search for real sources.

Gaijin has already addressed the agm-114L in a previous dev blog. (I think it was a year ago) they said they will not add the 114l because it’s systems will make it impervious to countermeasures on ground vehicles i.e smoke lunchers.

So gaijin says they will not introduced the agm 114L. If you can convince them otherwise that would be sweet because then the radar on the 64D would actually have a purpose.

I’m not going to ask to introduce such missile,… read subject please.