Ground Radar mode for aircrafts: where are those?

I got through the Forum lately, and learned that Su-39 got a Ground Radar ability (Ping and Lock)

“One of the primary capabilities of the Kopyo-25 radar pod is its ability to provide radar imaging and multi-target tracking via TWS mode. This allows the Su-39 to detect and track ground and air targets, even in adverse weather conditions or challenging terrain.”
Source:Su-39 - War Thunder Wiki

Then every possible radar should be added a ground mode if it had it IRL and so i’m asking myself to know where are the ground radar ability for other nations aircrafts(can include Helicopter)

Potential radar for having AG mode (pending confirmation by sources)


AN/APG-68 - F-16C - have found nothing yet


Known radar for having AG Mode (pending other sources for bug report)


Radar N019MP // Radar N010M - MiG-29SMT

DRAA 3D Aïda - Etendard IVM - 3/5/2020 Etendard IVM - France : RADAR - Documented Aircraft Reports - War Thunder - Official Forum (usable sources in that old bug-report)

Agave and Anemone radars - Super-Etendard

Radar Antilope and Antilope V - Mirage-2000D (all variants)

AN/APQ148 (same family as AN/APG-76) - A-6E

AN/APG-76 - F-4E Kurnass (inverted radars in game with Kurnass 2000)
AN/APQ-120 - Kurnass 2000 (inverted radars in game with F-4E Kurnass)

[N-025 Almaz] - Mi-28N
[AN/APG-66(V2) and later] - F-16A (variant to be precised)


Bug-Reported radar:


Gripen A/C [PS-05/A] - // Issues

Tornado IDS (all) + GR.1 [ARI 23274] - // Issues


Can we bring in sources for bug-reports guys?
We search for any radar that can:
Search only → basically a display on radar giving you basic heading and range by reading the radar directly.

Search&Track (SRC or TWS AG modes)-> same as before but with Tracking ability

Search&Track MTI/PD → same as before but with MTI/Pulse-Doppler systems

List of implemented Ground Mode for radar:


[H-025 Almaz] - Mi-28NM
[RN-01 Arbalet] - Ka-52
[Kopyo-25] - Su-39
[ARI23274] - Only on Tornado IDS MFG (event aircraft)
[AN/APG-78] - AH-64D / AH mk1
[RN-01-II]- Z-19 chopper (not Z-19E)



Radars are not always displayed as a module, but in Pilot Model characteristics (in-game)
F-4E Kurnass have AN/APQ-120 instead of AN/APG-76
Kurnass 2000 have AN/APG-76 instead of AN/APQ-120


Not opposed to the idea (yet) but what exactly would ground radars provide in terms air to ground capability when compared to thermal cameras on targeting pods?

For example, tanks dont have IFFs so you cant know what you are locking so you still need to be sure to know what you are firing at. And if you cant see the locked target due to bad light conditions then whats the point of having air to groun radar instead of thermals?

I cant see air to ground radar working at lower tiers either because even with worse weaponry and target acquisition tools at 8.7 and up to 10.3 CAS actually outperforms AA by wide marging (unless were talking about strela) and improving CAS at those BRs would be a bad idea.

well in GRB? not much as ground is often covered by very sloppy terrain/houses.

that feature would be useful in ARB and SIM modes.
i don’t see this being used in Air Arcade anyway (too long to operate i guess, since you have to switch mode of radar, then lock, then drop)

however, some lower aircrafts doesn’t have thermals at all // while stock.
it would be as useful, but it is still something that some have currently in the game - and so should be implemented in every possible aircrafts.

i would be also useful for some GPS-guided ammunition, as you would be able to calculate-in the GPS-point from radar distance to target and your own position.


Cant see air to ground radar being useful in air realistic, but for SIM, sure.

If they are low enough in BR, i can see that there could be a problem that they either dont have munitions that would benefit from air to ground radar at all, or if they do have munitions that would benefit from air to ground radar, rhey would need an increase in BR if the combination would allow them to outrange most AAs at their BR.

if you think about Super-Etendard → the Magic-2 and AS.30L are possible to help it going further up.

(also i thought that it is already possible with CCIP)

Imo all the ~10.3 orbital strike craft should be moved out of the bracket if possible.

Super Entendard, AMX, A6E, all of em can just fly above the best SPAA available in the BR range and drop laser guided ordinance on them

that’s ANOTHER Subject,…


Complaints go to others available threads

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Mig-29 SMT should have it too I believe, ground radar would be much more optimal than the TGP for missiles like the KH-29TD because of their extreme range, thought without IFF the feature is as good as useless.

Air RB/SIM would be usable for killing convoys or whatever.

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I would absolutely love the Ground Mapping radar on the Tornado and I think the Gripen A/C is suppose to have a ground radar ( // Issues)

But yeah, in ASB, having the ability to see a base or airfield on the radar, target it and create a CCRP target via the radar panel and then loft bombs onto it that would be fricking awesome. No more having to deal with the really bad CCRP target selection and a massive degree of immersion.


I’m gonna EDIT First Post, with 3 lists:

  • Potential aircraft with ground radar (pending confirmation)
  • Known aircraft with ground radar (pending sources for bug-reports)
  • Bug-reported aircrafts (when a link would be given, by any player)
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Gripen: // Issues

Tornado IDS (All): // Issues (full GMR i think has been reported internally I think)

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All IDS Tornados (GR1, ASSTA, IDS, MFG, WTD61) have the same radar and therefore will all have the same ground mapping modes (in fact they could all get the naval radar mode the MFG has, just not much point without them all receiving ASMs as well)

Tornado F3 and Tornado ADV though shouldn’t


yeah i was editing :)

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Sorry, hehe

Adding 4th list with implemented one

US armor does indeed have IFF, the system is integrated into what is know as the “blueforce tracking system”. The Longbow FCR is datalinked to nearby armor and will detect it as a friendly contact, same goes for all NATO assets on link 16.

Also for aircraft with ground radars, the A-6E has MTI for ground targets, the Kurnass has a synthetic aperture mapping mode for it’s radar and the F-16C has a mapping mode as well.

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included in list
had found nothing for F-16’s (i checked on A variant aswell) → set in potential for now

F-4E Kurnass have AN/APQ-120 instead of AN/APG-76
Kurnass 2000 have AN/APG-76 instead of AN/APQ-120

Are you doing naval radars as well?

Because I think the Buccanneer (and Maybe Sea Harriers and Sea-Vixen) had those. But I dont have sources to confirm

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could be done - adding a Category maybe? (i’m gonna check on that later)