Ground Obstacles in Tank Battle

Does anyone has noticed that with the last major update the ground obstacles have changed?

  • Stone walls are like ramps !
  • Stone walls even spawn instantly after you drove through them. If you stay there they are shaking you
  • When you drive through bushes with a wheel tank it slows you massily down or even flips you aside
  • Small stones are like ramps

Somehow all obstacles on the ground where changed and some behaviour is getting even more and more redicouls.



It seems like some maps will bug for the entirety of the match and have minor destructable doodads respawn instantly. Seems like a big problem for sensitive ammo types.
My problem is the unstuck mechanic that makes the tank bounce. You run over a car and stop to aim, and the tank is just bouncing constantly to unstuck itself from the obstacle. Without it, I think tanks would fuse together from collisions, so I don’t know what the remedy would be.

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Probably part of their β€˜β€˜fix’’, whatever the hell this massive revision is they mention.


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And when team mate tank is touching you the shaking kills my aim

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I feel like ground collisions have got really β€˜sticky’. Like when you collide with things they act like they’re covered in gorilla glue, instead of being able to scrape by things or power past them you get stuck in place, losing all power and momentum.

on some maps with curbs, i notice that for wheeled vehicles, they get shot into the air. its like the game doesnt recognize that tires are made of rubber inflated with air, but treat it as a solid object. a normal rubber tire dampens the impact of a curb. it does not launch your vehicle into the air.


Excatly … the speed advantage of the wheel tank is then fully destroyed because when you land you turned during your flip and your speed is at zero. And that is then described as "well balanced different types of game playing!

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This issue is almost an decade old.

Trees, walls, houses, everything respawns constantly and at randome. At times it will even respawn inside you