Ground object collision models are a Joke?

Like for real we have 2023 and like half the models are not properly made.

Even on the new map “Testside 2271” the damage model of the big tanks on C cap is insanely badly made. I literally could not shoot a 37mm gun past them when there was a 10cm gap from my aim point/barrel opening) to the side of the Tank.

And the same goes for many more objects. Wooden stone filled boxes on Berlin are still not fixed after what? 5 years?

It is 2023 How can this be? Does Gajin simply not care? It is not like there are not many reports about these issues and it is also not limited to recently added models but also to some of the oldest in the game.

There is literally no excuse for this. Gajin wants us to use volumetric shells in an environment filled with round obejcts and box shaped hit boxes?

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