Ground Germany RB match making at 6.7 is not right

I have played a total of 25 games in row with a German line up at 6.7 ground RB and i made a counting for each BR match i have got into, below are the results:

1- BR 5.7: 6 matches (24%)
2- BR 6.0: 2 matches (8%)
3- BR 6.7: 5 matches (20%)
4- BR 7.3: 2 matches (8%)
5- BR 7.7: 10 matches (40%)

based on these rates, i really donot think one should play Germany at 6.7, it does not look fair to fight cold war tanks that basically one shot you no matter what you do, even the light tanks can one shot you, because in these 10 up tier matches i had no idea what to do, like what am i supposed to do with my tiger H when i meet a T32E1? pray to god he does not shoot me?! (fun fact i ran into 4 of them in my up tier games), even if i have a good shoot at the tank the shell does no damage.

Gaijin pulverized Germany lineups in the last BRs update and created AGAIN big holes in the TT.
So 7.7 is basically 95% 6.7 teams and one or two 7.0 to 7.7 vehicles if you are lucky.
For example lets compare Germany with the other 2 big nations:
7.0 for Germany is one TT SPAA and 2 rare hidden vehicles (Panther 2 and Tiger 2 105) vs USA 6 vehicles (3 regular and 3 premiuns) Soviets have 3 vehicles, one very good medium tank, multi role SPAA and decent tank destroyer all TT.

7.3 for Germany is one light meme tank and 2 rare premiuns vs USA 2 vehicles one goodmediun tank and one heavy tank, Soviets have another two TT tanks.

7.7 for Germany is two vehicles in the TT and the Maus vs USA with 7 vehicles (5 regular and 2 premiuns) and Soviets with 5 vehicles (4 regular and 2 premiuns).

With that lack of vehicles the MM just filled 7.7 teams with 6.7. The same happen with 5.7 to 6.7 basically 6.3 stop exist for Germany compared with the other nations.

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+/- 1 Up/Downtiers should just be removed and changed to +/-0.7 problem solved


so we just ignore 6.7 line up and work with 7.0 and above instead? but man 40% chance is still too much!

really good solution as long as they balance the chances

Personally ? dont touch Germany between 5.7 to 8.3.
7.0 is even worse. I recommend you for Germany 5.0 and 8.7 to top tier.

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I’m quite sure the chances of a up/down tier aren’t nation specific.

You are complaining about that every 4th match is a full downtier? Play 5.7 and enjoy the 75% uptiers.

Most of the 6.7-7.0 tank battles I played in arcade resulted with majority of uptiers to 7.7… and that was years ago. This and CAS are the reasons why I pretty much stopped playing tanks altogether. Only play, if I have to, but even then I try to skip most of the tasks for events and BP. Same goes for Naval. Most of my matches are 0.7 uptiers, even if I change BRs.

Also the cool girl blitz is at a dead br where she is a foreveralone, I mean there is like 5 person in the world owns and still play the tiger 105 and panther 2? It should have gone down to 6.7. Also drop the Dorito to 6.7 too then I find a reason to research air.