Ground forces team players

Why are new and lower level players allowed to rush up the teirs with little or no idea how to play?.
A lot of them come straight from air battles just to bomb other players and leave or die quickly ,that in its self ruins team balance and defeats the whole object of Gfs by not getting the cap which is the whole objective of the game but either do a WORLD OF TANKs tactic and camp the point but don’t capture am i the only one to notice this becoming more and more the way of the game?.
If they are like this and low to middle BR what are they going to do in high teir?

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Because they want to. It is their choice to buy optional content (premiums and premium account) in an attempt to enjoy vehicles that they like or reach those vehicles faster.

No, you aren’t the only person that thinks this. If you would have used the search bar you would have found plenty of active threads about this.

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Dont forget some experienced players are also part of the problem.
in my experience, they often rush to their favorite spots to camp the whole game.
But yes, Gf needs more teamwork

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In RB also the same, these CAS mains has a record that says they dies more often than tank mains who at least put more effort into playing tanks, they die and die and die without kills eventually filled the sky with enemy CAS then ask everybody to use CAS or the boring SPAA to shoot them down, if you say otherwise they will ask you to play WoT. These shitheads are insufferable lol


Doesn’t matter if it’s AB, RB, or Sim. People are simply not experienced and the game doesn’t allow people to make callouts. Instead, we get a PR response that says they are working on it but the basic way to fix it is giving more vehicles scouting rather than removing and proper global voice chat. But it seems like a lot of these games don’t like the idea. or something idk. I won’t dive into it, just seems very common.

To Summarize, the game lacks several basic needed features, one of these being in game text translator(suggested but wasn’t passed, don’t even think it was looked at).

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The game DOES NOT need a voice chat (it already has one).
With how diverse the player base is it would be pure chaos, removing the 10s cooldown will help better with communication.

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…read what I said. Swear you folks read the first sentence and just don’t bother reading thoroughly.
So let me make this clear, global voip does not exist in the game. The only one that exists in the game is Squad VOIP. Which only works if you are in a squadron or a squad.
This means if you wanted to tell someone that there is a tank at position whatnot, they will not hear you in the game because VOIP does not exist.

This means the ideas of World War Mode do not work because it is lacking a needed key component.

apologies first time on this new forum thanks for the tip

Exactly. War Thunder is about playing the way you want to. If everything had to be changed because someone stopped having fun because of something somebody did, the game would just be a “You won!” screen flashing in soft colors and calming music.

You get to shoot enemies, they get to shoot you. Your teammates are allowed to be worse than you and they’re allowed to be better too. No one knows you or owes you anything, we aren’t friends. Just have fun.


People are rushing to higher BR, only to find out, most of them hates high tier.

Ive taken it a bit more slow than the average player and have only started a new tier/BR when i had at least 3 usable vehicles (1 AA and 2 tanks)

Far to many players brings shitty vehicles into higher BRs, only to have a bad experience because most players around the knows way more tricks, so the just end up getting T bagged.

My honest and best advice is to slow down and learn a few more tricks and have a bit better line up before moving on, it’s WAY more fun to feel you are part of a team, instead of feeling like a punching ball.

Many games dont want to add voice chat as that will just increase the amount of reports as well as increasing the time/resources needed for reports.

I also bet a vast majority will turn voice chat off because they dont want to listen to background noise and/or someone pretending like they are some commander.

Too many downsides for the one upside that might happen every 1/1k games.

We need some more shortcuts. Like some say that an enemy is disabled, range call out, and maybe a scout one where it calls out what tank they scouted.


Why are new and lower level forumites allowed to rush up their posts with little or no idea of what is already posted?

Shit happens… ;-)

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When i first started i too went a bit to far and all my SLs went quickly ,so i decided to try and get every in game camo for every nation one Br at a time and so far its not to bad takes longer then grinding tanks but you learn tactics ,such as defensive play ,map awareness etc as you go along .So far I’ve got to Sweden Br 2.7 and as soon as that’s done its back to USA Br 3.0 unless more lower vehicles are added then ill go back and grind them first

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As long as your enjoying the gameplay and the competitive part of it too, you should be fine.

Yep, the better solution would be to expand the preset radio callouts, especially as they’re automatically translated into each player’s own language.

I’ve had quite a few fun teamplay moments through language barriers thanks to this.

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I think that’s a more healthy approach.

We all still loose games, but doing it your way, you wont get a feeling you are the sole cause of the defeat.

Ive been playing Germany 8,7-9.0 br these days (spading a plane), and ive lost count on how many really low level players driving out in Tigers and Panthers getting killed in the first few minutes of the match ive seen.

that can’t be motivating and it sure isn’t for the team

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