Ground battles suggestions

From my not so humble opinion, I would like to propose while complaining about things.
(Sorry if there are words that are not understood, I have used a language translator to put it into English.)

First, I would like to ask you, am I the only one who finds it dishonorable that the enemy, both tank and plane, can reach the spawn point and kill you without being able to play? The truth is, for my taste, it is a very dirty point regarding the enjoyment of the game.

Also, I would like to propose that kamikaze planes can be recorded as a downed plane, instead of a plane crash. as well as being able to destroy land vehicles if you collide with them (and have them noted down)

The other proposal may be very strange, but it would be a hoot. Bombs that are dropped from planes, if they hit a plane, they can be destroyed, instead of passing through it. This way, while you drop the bombs, the fighter below would be forced to deviate, instead of not caring and reaching you to kill you. You could also save a base if you crash into them, or even be able to shoot them. I think this point is interesting.

Then… could someone please explain to me how it can happen to me that they kill me with a single shot and I, contrary and fervent, have to spend almost all my ammunition?

And I continue to think that tanks must improve, it cannot be that a shot from a “tank destroyer” 10 meters from another simply ricochets the bullet.

And by the way, why do I get so many maps from capturing the aerodome? Adrodomo tires me so much.

Thank you very much if you have read everything. have a nice day.

I am pretty sure bombs do collide with planes. I know that parts that get shot off of planes collide with planes too. bombs just don’t explode when they hit a plane and their velocity has to be pretty high to cause damage

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This has already been discussed in many topics, generally if the enemy team arrives in your spawn, it is because your team did not do its job well.

Unless I’m mistaken, the kinetic damage of planes was modeled at one time, however I’ll let you imagine the damage that a B-29 crashing into a team would cause. This is not a viable model because it would allow entire areas to be destroyed

Already in the game

Skill issue? If you spend all your ammunition to do damage to your opponent, it’s because you’re attacking the wrong target or you don’t know where to shoot. If he kills you in one shot it’s just that he knows where to shoot

It’s not because you play a tank destroyer that your shell will necessarily penetrate the tank in front of you

I imagine you’re talking about games in arcade mode in which you have to capture airfields, there’s nothing you can do about that except change the game mode and switch to realistic where this type of mission doesn’t exist

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A few months ago, a bomber dropped some bombs, I was down, they passed through me. That’s when I started thinking about the topic.
Also, when testing the planes, I tried it with the allied planes that appear and engulf them.

Here I agree with you, but you won’t deny that it leaves you with a very bad feeling. :'(

Regarding the B-29, you convince me, when it comes to ground troops. But what do you say when there are two planes face to face and they collide? or directly, so that it does not reach its destination and collides with the enemy?
I think that both one and the other would have to mark the point, the one that hits and the one that is hit. He keeps shooting down a plane, directly or indirectly.

Totally possible… :'(

Well nothing, then it will be what you say, change the way of playing.

Thank you very much for the explication.

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The problem (especially in arcade battles) is that an ally can also hit you, and in this case do both have to pay for a teamkill? It’s a super complex mechanism that involves a lot of problems, it’s not easy to find the right solution.

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+1 for that

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you mean allied planes engulf each other?

Well, I’m not a designer, if you tell me it’s complex, it’s understandable. But it would be a good topic to keep in mind (in my opinion)

Since I have you here… I would like to ask you something, is it normal that in tanks, if I shoot one I do minimal damage (only on one occasion with defects to the enemy) and another teammate kills him, don’t you write it down as assistance?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question.

The way the assistance work in ground battle is kind of strange, you can get them easily but they don’t give as much sl and rp as the assistance in air battle.

You get less points if you don’t rate anything haha
I’m a very bad player, I admit it, so the minimum you can get is always welcome.

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One thing that i would like to see is random spawn points, so maybe when One team has the advantage The spawns switch randomly. So The orher team never know where to spawn camp, it could also get the other team a chance to attack from a not so well defended direction. I might not have thought it through but in my head it makes sense xD

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I think I understood you, and if so, it’s not a bad idea XD
Now that I have you here, can I ask you something? Why do so many planes appear in tank mode and I don’t have the option? Has there been any update on this and I haven’t heard about it?

Not that i know of? I can play planes in tank mode, do you have a plane in your active lineup? xD

Are you doing ground arcade or ground realistic? If you are doing realistic then you have to crew a plane from the tech tree into your active line up. After you gain so many SP you can then spawn in a plane if you are killed of if you leave your vehicle.

Oh! Thanks for the explanation, because I didn’t understand it.

I’ve been playing realistic mode on land for a few months now. I see it as nonsense to invest 200 more hours so that the planes with the nation on land become compatible.
Anyway, that’s the juice.

I’ve destroyed my propeller with my own bomb b4 aswell

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