Ground Battles Rewards

Hello, i wanted to make this post to discuss GRB rewards.
Why can’t gaijin increase the amount of rewards for Ground realistic battles? they’re incredibly low compared to Air realistic Battes and even worst is when you pay 70$ for a premium tank that is not even compared to 70$ premium planes in terms of efficiency and rewards.

there is a lot of solutions for this matter, simplest is to increase the Ground realistic Battles rewards so it can be as efficienct as air ones. or make everything in Tanks cheaper starting from tank prices,research required to unlock tanks and tank crew training. Also tank crews take SO much time to max out unlike air which is insane just make tank crews and air crews max out at 75 with the same efficiency.

clearly this was done on purpose and this is so disugsting, i don’t know how people stopped review bombing even after the economy changes. even after all the fixes you did the game is still incredibly unbalanced in terms of economoy and to be honest it feels like ground was totally left behind and air is the only that changed…Sure they did increase some rewards but still that’s no where near enough.

So gaijin, the solution to all the game’s problems was always here which is listening to players and not seeing them as pockets to take money from.

thanks for reading everyone, share your opinions in the comment section.

In ground you make SL, in air you make RP

rewards depend on how long you stay alive and if you win/lose

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I’m on free to play, getting 1 million silver lions every few weeks in ground, and I’m able to upgrade my rank V vehicles without paying for premium. I would be happy to pay for premium if I wasn’t poor.

There is a MASSIVE thing you are missing about these rewards in Air RB. You get one life, and so do your opponents. No respawning, so there is limited kill potential. There is no 14 kill Air RB games like ground games can have. The rewards are higher because one slip up costs you that whole game, and there aren’t 30+ enemy vehicles to kill at a minimum. Comparing rewards for Air AB, where respawns are available, is in line with the level of rewards expected from ground modes. When ground goes to single respawn, by all means match Air RB reward levels. Until then, please learn the differences between multi-respawn modes (the norm) and the exception (Air RB).

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you got a point, but that still doesn’t change the fact that these rewards needs to be pumped up, even if it’s Not going to be as high as ARB but at least increase them, they’re too low to start even comparing them to ARB or any mode.