Ground battles have literally become something ridiculous

After 10 years I firmly believe that gaijin has brought land battles to the point of no return, now I no longer even wonder how it is possible that they have reduced the realistic mode to a chaotic Arcade, devoid of any tactics and completely one-sided (russia beats everyone) in maps that are too small, where the game is reduced to taking the usual points from campers, which allow you to shoot directly at the spawn. this evening I think I saw science fiction, literally impenetrable Russian tanks, people who knew perfectly where you were even though there were clouds of smoke bombs covering the view, or who knew perfectly well that you would come out from behind that house, shooting at you exactly a fraction of a second before your silhouette passed the house, while you were at full speed, and covered by the buildings and impossible to see or hear, (but obviously for gaijin they are called “BOT”), NATO armor completely non-existent compared to the Russian ones (and now it can be said that the Russians do not reflect real performance in the slightest) because it is unthinkable that a T-80 is able to resist a Maverick, yet they even manage to resist 2 in a row, helicopters that give you the message that you have them shot down but which in reality continued to fly, projectiles that even if you unlock them you cannot equip them and you are clearly at a disadvantage with their counterparts from other nations (RIP M919 for Bradlay), CAS completely unusable, since as soon as you spawn you get a missile or 2 from Pantsir camped with the view straight towards the aerial spawn, and you can literally do nothing, not even maneuver because you literally don’t have 3 maximum 4 seconds of time before be shot down since you are born directly within the Pantsir’s range. I really wonder how Gaijin can think of running a game in these conditions, how he can have the courage to push forward patch after patch leaving this crap unresolved, asking certain prices for packages, all for pure profit, without fixing all this mess they left unsolved.


Man, I’m not crying, I’m tired of them destroying a game that I’ve loved for so many years, and to say that the American and German tanks are better than the Russian ones is true, but if they put real features, the problem is that with the Russian vehicles gaijin is inventing non-existent statistics, he has made the Russian tanks pure propaganda, to keep the Russian community happy, when we know for a fact that the t80s blow them up with the stingers, but on wt they resist 2 Maverick, they don’t fix the armor problem and the penetration system, they don’t fix the helicopter problem, if they did you would see a drastic drop in spam of indestructible ka-50/52s at the beginning of the game. as usual and as before it is a system created and created to induce frustration, but evidently they want the community to turn around again, perhaps it is the only way to make them listen


Lovely rant, I enjoy those high Rank ones especially, keep it coming:)


You are using armor as your scapegoat.
Tell me then, how are you performing so badly in a TURMS, which is a vehicle that has more than viable armor for it’s BR ?

it is not an outburst, it is an observation of the facts of the daily degradation that one must suffer due to continuous wrong choices and unresolved problems


so apparently many people use this scapegoat

I don’t play much with the TURMS, but I also had some excellent games with that tank, and already with that I realized the clear difference, many hits I received on the TURMS if I had the M1A1 I usually play with, I would have exploded. in any case, you are free to argue that there is no problem with Russian armor, that everything is fine and that others are making it all up, but man, people are not stupid and I, like others, have stopped believing in fairy tales long since.

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Nerfing HE, HESH, Mavericks etc is intentional. Lets get one thing straight. If this was russian munitions that were struggling it would be patched out in days. In fact they have done this very thing in the past.

Remember when gaijin got caught adding extra armor plates to russian vehicles. Those plates existed for a year before we datamined out that they were cheating. They patched it in 3 days. But people tend to forget. More than a dozen times the snail has been caught lying, and being deceitful.

This is just par for the course for snail. They will invent some magical paper napkin tank to compete with anything that NATO gets in the future. Meanwhile tons of NATO vehicles are missing proper ammunition loadouts. Tons of aircraft are going to be DOA thanks to the non stop implementation of russian aircraft.

They still have not fixed that russian tanks do spall correctly. They still have not fixed that russian ERA is way over performing. They still have not fixed that russian tanks don’t detonate. I have pointed out WITH RUSSIAN DOCUMENTATION that russian ammunition in game is over performing. All we get are crickets. In fact they said this is by design. I can show you multiple photos from the war in Ukraine where russian tanks do in fact die on a single hit. I would need to check which are classified and which are not that I have in my reports. But I can without a doubt tell you, russian tanks with ERA die to a single shot from NATO ammuniton. But yet here we are in this imaginary russian wonderland of war thunder with magical russian tanks.

At this point its more a blatant joke than anything else.



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