Ground Battles: decreased loading

Hey Gaijin

what is the reason behind the decision to decrease reloading speed when some of crew members are gone? In any way it require only 1 crew member to reload, and what is the point to decrease it if we have 2/4 crew members, one of them is loader and other is gunner? Just curious about logic in your brains.

One have to drive the tank and play loader. Should be a hard job to jump around in the tank from the driver seat to the breach.

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looks like you even did not reading. please read my whole post again and think about answer.

Well, let’s consider the example you provided where your tank only has 2/4 crew members remaining.

2 is the minimum amount of crew (for virtually all vehicles). If you have fewer, you are considered destroyed.

At minimum crew, you will always have a driver and a gunner. After you fire, the gunner will try to fulfill the loader role.

In reality this can be impractical since the gunner station isn’t normally intended for loading, and he may have to move positions if he can’t reach the ammunition. This results in a longer reload.

Your gunner is also not trained as a loader, so you won’t benefit from any weapon reloading skills your loader may have had.


Your assumption that driver always needed. Thats not correct. but I understand this logic, despite that its wrong.

Can you drive while reloading in Warthunder?

Requires the driver to move back and fourth to reload, do you want last stand mechanics back?

It is a funny bait topic tho


In the game, it is.

The only exception would be if you’re sat in a friendly capture zone, and you go down to only 1 crew member. You survive, and crew replenishment starts automatically.

Once you’re back up to the required 2 crew members you can move again.


The game’s logic is that driver → gunner → loader → commander → radio operator

It would be interesting to see a system that lets you order your crew from the driver slot to the loader slot thus immobilizing you but allowing you full reload speed.


Nice try to put me into defense and deflect from your misunderstanding a basic game mechanic. What is the reason you ask this question if you can’t stand the answer?

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your did not answer the question, just had some assumptions like ‘one had to drive’ or ‘its hard to jump from driver to loader seats’.
Anyway Apollo_1641 already provided the answer, nevermind.
AFAIK, the penalty is doubling the reloading time, but ‘jumping from one seat to another’ might be a much faster than be dependant on that logic. The logic of “doubling” is wierd and ridiculus.

Take a look in the wiki … it is about transitioning of the crew between the places …


Its a crap post mate. Tanks have a full crew for a reason ,its not rocket science.

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It’s just arbitrary metrics based on the “HP” of your overall crew. It’s not literal. The driver can man the gunner position if you get down to one crewmember while 1 extra is being respawned because the game knows you are 1+1 instead of just 1. So for a brief moment while replenishing a crew member, your driver is doing all duties.
Maybe in simulator battles, there could be this kind of crew management where you move them around to fulfill certain duties, but for arcade it is just simply some math equations for penalizing having damaged crew.
Your reload speed should go down without a Commander because his Leadership increases duties of all crew like Reload for the Loader. It would be like in an FPS where if you take some bullet damage, your movement becomes slower and aim becomes shaky. They’re just attrition values.