Ground assault mode is not as rewarding as a player who works hard

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I think the Ground Assault mode is a system where the harder you fight, the more you lose!
The once a day chance to get a booster is being ruined by mindless players.

I think that if you destroy a certain number of enemies, you should be able to get good boosters even if you lose the match.

(Not that matching this badly happens this often, but I think there needs to be a remedy.)


It definitely is something that I have tried to promote in other posts as both ground and air assault arcade game modes need serious reworking/updating…

I think one of the biggest difficulties is in the reward system itself. The air assault arcade is not too bad, it just suffers from creep in regards to 6.7-12 fighting for points to get ‘enough activity’ worthy of their efforts.

Ground assault arcade is a whole different ballgame though. It is much harder to garner a win, especially when you consider the respawn costs (both ticket cost and SL) paired with overwhelming odds against mostly end of bracket vehicles you are currently within.

Coupled with what can be described as ‘mediocre to poor’ performance of some other players, which granted will happen… the end result usually is a loss with high net negative rewards for those that really were trying to and it was obvious were helping the team.

Honestly, the rewards for a loss in this game mode needs to be changed to something that actually reflects it better, as I agree, the ones that put forth the most effort usually suffer the most in the end.

Perhaps changing rewards to be more personalized based upon contributing factors as well as activity per player would be better… idk, but I completely agree that it is demoralizing in its current state.


I use this game mode to research helicopters and tanks, but rarely do I find squads with BR disparity mixed in with my teammates. (e.g. M1A2(BR11.7) & Tiger 1(BR5.7)&Pz.Ⅳ(BR3.7)&15cm sIG 33 B Sfl(BR1.0) )

In such a case, you may lose the battle…
It is worse if this is the first fight of the day…

It’s a nightmare for players trying to win… :(

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