Ground artifact shows up when enable DLSS

Hi guys, there seems to be an issue with the graphics when I enable DLSS. This has happened multiple times when there is an explosion near my tank, causing the ground to raise up like a square or the ground just dissapear. When I disable DLSS, it goes back to normal.

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RTX 2060 Mobile
Driver: 551.23

I have the same thing happening but i don’t even use DLSS neither can I enable it because I use a GTX 1070. So I don’t think DLSS is the problem here.

Same here.
Massive square hills that nobody else can see. Hence they can shoot me because i can’t see them.
Happens with and without DLSS, also happens to my mate and he runs Intel (im AMD) and Radeon (i run Nvidia).
Happens with bombs and or shell impacts including arty.
Making it damn near unplayable.

I’ve been having this issue for weeks now. It’s been plaguing me this entire event and happens on both a laptop with a 4050 and a desktop with a 4090.