Ground air missiles or air to ground missiles!

I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting sick and tired of ground-to-air missiles launched from AAA’s going through trees only in this flipping game of War Thunder can they do this if a missile hits a tree it blows up end of story they need to fix this. Even from aircraft air to ground missiles in this game goes through trees and they can’t that’s why I say the mechanics of this game Suck with a capital S you would think the programmers maybe one day we’ll get it right it’s just like the Xbox and PlayStation they get a hack to where they can lock on to targets in realistic mode and that is a cheat and this is not a rage this is an opinion of mine and hopefully yours too so let us all say something about and maybe just maybe they’ll fix this!

Why is this causing you such a massive issue? It doesn’t happen often where a missile goes through a tree’s hitbox but doesn’t explode

also, use punctuation.

Mostly all the time when I’m hovering behind a tree line, and I get spotted by radar I duck down under the trees line and a missile comes through and kills my helicopter I’ve been shot so many times and I’ve been shot behind the Ridge with a missile that went through the top of the Ridge and hit my helicopter and blew it up and yes this is a big deal to me anyway because it’s not right!

yeah i do agree that is frustrating. I will say it happens to helicopter far more than jets, probably why you’re noticing it so much.

Not all trees are solid objects. Which ones are? Only Gaijin knows. I’ve flown through many a tree, but also lost wings to many a tree. Very very inconsistent, but probably helps lower server/client requirements to not have everything be a solid object.

No punctuation got me sicker than no anti missiles trees

Yeah, wouldn’t call the Xbox or Playstation stuff hacks. Just assists to help with the crappy aim mechanic that is joysticks.

Also, half the trees just don’t have hot boxes. If you’ve ever flown close and low in ARB, you know that it’s about 1 in every 3 trees. It’s just how it goes.

It’s a hack and a cheat when they don’t need it in realistic mode, and I don’t care if it’s just an assist it’s a cheat to help with the aim mechanic when they can use a mouse and a keyboard. They should have to buy it to Play! And hook it up it is an aimbot for Xboxes and PlayStations! It’s a sad state of affairs when you hit a tank in the side of the turret and its main gun automatically turns and locks on your tank by pushing a button and kills your Tank! this is an aimbot and that is a cheat!! End of Story!

One quick question- have you ever played Xbox or OS with a Joystick?

Yes I have but before I built my computer! But all you have to do is go to your Walmart store or wherever you shop at and buy a mouse and keyboard look War Thunder was developed for computers, not Xboxes and PlayStation as far as I’m concerned they should be on their own server because it is an aimbot and is a hack well if they’re going to incorporate this for Xboxes and PlayStation it should be for computers too then it would be fair and all I would have to do is for me to lock on the target is to right to click my mouse which is an aimbot like in World of Tanks and one more thing I forgot to mention I have an X52 Logitech joystick and a throttle for flying helicopters planes on my computer

As a PS4 player that plays with the joystick, this shit is genuine wallhacks and i love it, as far as i know you cant really use the console aim against tanks (i believe this only applies for arcade mode), but against planes its pretty much a built in radar set for your non radar aa vehicle, hell even radar will still have use out of it, basically there’s a lock target button (mine is bound to X) that highlights the enemy around a small box and as you know it can see through walls but not only there’s a sound cue that tells you when you locked an enemy, which you can then track them ( now i forgot the name of the toggle but i have it bound to L1) which pretty much gives me a tracking radar. For SAMs this is pretty much OP since unlike IRST you don’t even need a LOS of the target (because again the wallhacks) AND you can still guide your missile in i also found it to be more accurate than radar track or even IRST, but you do need to hold down L1 to track the target. I’ve been using this for over 2 years now i think and playing AA has never been so much easier.