Ground AB Air Events Survey

Greetings, tankers! In the last “It’s Fixed!” update we indicated that we disabled ground vehicle markers for fighter pilots — meaning players who participate in air events in Ground Arcade Battles.

We are closely watching the results of this change and would like to ask you about your impressions. Participate in this survey if you play Ground AB.

Have you noticed a reduction in the frequency of kamikaze attacks (when an enemy pilot sacrifices their vehicle just to land more hits on you)?

  • There are less suicide attacks now
  • I haven’t noticed any change

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Have you noticed a reduction in the frequency of destruction and damage of light armored vehicles from fighter attacks (only fighters, not bombers or strike aircraft)?

  • LTs, SPAAs and tank destroyers now feel safer
  • I haven’t noticed any changes

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I don’t like the change. I have a 32 inch monitor 2560 x 1440 resolution 120fps . Even with those specs it is almost impossible to identify targets until you crash into them, seems to me it’s counter productive.


Seems a Skill issue,


I think that now the 10 sec fuze delay can be eliminated or at least reduced to 5.


It’s not great. I think that markers for friendly units should be implemented at the minimum.


We need markers for allies, i’m only killing my mates with fighters :(


Congratulations! Great attitude, it was impossible to play with a light tank, as it was a guaranteed kill, there is no way to hide, light tanks are spotted on the map and it was unfair, as they have no defense mechanism against planes that pierce their armor.

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Not impressed with the change, it’s almost impossible to even see ground vehicles until the least few seconds and then you’re about to kamikaze anyway, even in zoom mode.


I mean, you are a Fighter. Fighter meant to fight enemy airplane, not meant to attacking ground unit. leave that task to a Strike Aircraft or a Bomber.


Too much skill issues in AB

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I don’t like it at all, the vehicles are impossible to see and to bomb


For lower level combat, such as combat below 8.0, if you are a regular player of SB mode, it is not difficult to find and attack enemy ground vehicles/light vehicles with fighters, the difficult is to tell whether the vehicle is your own side. In higher-level combat, where helicopters take on ground attack missions, I don’t think it’s necessary to remove ground instructions from escorting players, as a large number of missiles and radar anti-aircraft tanks are very easy to shoot them down.

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This was an excellent change! Everyone who seems to bash this change probably were one of those people who used to spam planes to score easy free kills.
You could add friendly markets tho to prevent possible team kill.

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This is for fighter craft so stop complaining, they’re not supposed to be used for ground strikes


I normally fly, in AB mode, but when I do tank it is also in AB almost all the time as well. I do see planes that do the “lawndart” thing, as many call it from time to time, but hardly consider it an issue. And I don’t think “fighters” do it anymore or at a larger percentage than the other plane types. It was stated that removing the markers was an effort to lessen “kamikaze/revenge” actions by players using aircraft in this “Combined Battles” mode. And honestly, the “intent” of the pilot cannot be truthfully known or measured, as many assume it is some hateful/vengeful act. I can only guess those making these accusations do so because they have similar motivations . . . lol. I honestly think a lot of tank players do not fly outside of these Combined Battles and/or just do not have as much experience with planes and therefore will dive straight into their ground target, waiting until the last possible second to release their payload to assure maximum accuracy . . . similar to so many pilots that feel going head on into their enemies guns in planes is some sort of viable “tactic” . . I mean, yeah they get a kill, but also die. So, disregarding any consequences . . . C’est la Vie. Point being, I feel like the “OMG I got Kamikazeed!!! reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” is more than bit exaggerated . . . . I mean, it’s a war game, it’s easy to kill stuff . . U gonna die . . . “acceptance is the key to serenity”
All that being said, after playing a few matches in AB tanks I have to say, that the removal of markers for JUST fighters seems to be an ok-ish idea that once implemented, makes little sense. Removal of friendly markers? . . . just why? How in any way is this going to lessen “revenge” antics? I can see if it’s a coding issue, but that really shoulda made that type of implementation a “no go” . . to me anyway.
Why not just put a red/blue dot or arrow like RB has when something is “marked”? Or just put the vehicle type & distance? . . . I changed my marker tags to just those two things, a few years ago, just for the express purpose of lessening my urge to to “go after” someone that killed me . . .lol. It works pretty well . . I mean I can still figure out who/where someone is if I really want to, but it takes more time & effort. So I tend to avoid wasting time/effort trying to get even. Also, a LOT less clutter on my screen by reducing what’s put on there and I have all the info that I need . . vehicle type & distance.
and honestly, the way things are now, with no markers . . it just makes everything harder to see . . which is frustrating . . change usually is at first anyway, but . . . I found the urge to splat right into the tanks I finally did see just out of frustration . . . lol, sorry but that honestly did happen a couple of times.
The only other thing I might suggest is the removal of the skull icon on the player’s tags for the guy that last killed you . . . this merely promotes the revenge aggression even more and is unneeded . . . There’s enough hate in the world, and it’s a game, supposed to be fun . . even tho it’s a war game, we don’t need to actually start wars because of the way we play it . . . that very same guy you are bound & determined to seek vengeance upon one game, may be your automatically assigned “Squadie” the very next game, and you will need to actually cooperate to score better . . . which is basically the object of this or any game you play. I hope you can figure out a “solution” to the issue, but as is, the removal of markers, for just fighters, as implemented could use a lot of work . . . not a fan

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Here are my views from a primarily Air AB player, but who also likes to play Ground AB as well.

I like the change. I personally like to play a variety of ground vehicles and found it very frustrating playing any light tank or open top tank destroyer as I would always get strafed to death. This change allows me to get these tank types into good positions and use them for what they were designed to do without constant attack from fighters (which was relentless in Ground AB before). I also think this may cause a number of BR changes to these vehicles as I can imagine they will start to perform better without the constant threat of aerial attack.

However, I’m not sure it will stop the kamikaze attacks. Having now flown the fighters, once you’ve destroyed the bomber (or they crashed into the ground themselves), you do try to go after an open top/light vehicle. As you only have about 30 seconds left to do this, it does cause you to head for the first thing you see. This is usually the AAA vehicles as it’s easier to see them as they’re also trying to shoot you, so you can follow their tracer fire. At this point, you now find yourself shooting all the way to the ground at the AAA vehicle.

So, overall, I think it’s good as it allows the light/open top vehicles to be left alone. But the kamikazes will continue, but probably more so at the AAA vehicles, which is fine, as the AAA players will want that to happen as it’s easier for them to shoot the fighters down when they’re coming straight for them.

I also agree with displaying the ally team, like you do in GRB

Yesterday, I was playing in Italian M4A4, the result was clear:

Since the fighters couldn’t detect ground targets, the DCA and other tank destroyers were able to have more than two minutes of existence. Not to mention that the DCA feasted to shoot the bloody ducks and performed their role perfectly.

Thanks for the change.

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You can see enemy vehicles if you spawn as a bomber/strike aircraft.