Gripen Wing Rip Issues - Now can barely pull to evade incoming missiles from ground based systems

So pretty standard is rolling and pulling to evade this shit, but now it just becomes shrapnel. Why did you screw us like this

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Did they just update something right now?

Properly laden (read: fuck all fuel, and only some missiles) it rips wings way too easily.

I was playing it earlier today and it seemed fine.

Yeah just experienced it myself, was a fairly gentle 6G turn at like 1100kmh, died… WTF???

To clarify, nothing is fun about wing rips with the Gripen OR the F15, which to my knowledge are the only planes at top tier that have this - and for no reason either (it’s certainly not realism). So is it just to ruin the fun for players… or, what was the idea here?

It also occurs on the flanker when spaded. The only plane that doesn’t seem to be having this issue presently is the 15, after it was changed. It’s a bit bullshit, doesn’t really line up with physics. If a Gripen rips (a delta) then the F15 rips, but according to Gaijin nope. Trying to find documentation because apparently physics isn’t a good enough proof for them.

To be honest, NO modern plane should have this problem as they’re both built extremely well AND have g-limiters that prevent turns that would destroy the plane (simplified explanation as War Thunder quite clearly isn’t a simulation - and as a simplified arcade game this is in line with what they’ve done with other things).


100%, just saying that if they want to have wing rip limitations, an f15 ain’t going to survive maneuvers a Gripen won’t.

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